What would you suggest to eat to lose weight. I have tried everythng and nothing works. I need a specific plan designed to my metabolism and i have no idea what that plan is. Can you help?

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  1. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    Go see a Registered Dietitian to analyze your diet. Check out the Mediterranean diet, Volumetrics books or download DASH diet:

  2. rosie battista wrote on :

    In general, if you eat a pure and “naked” diet, you can achieve a natural weight, however, every body is different so you would need to look at what processed and refined foods you are eating. That would be a great start. If you would like to get some ideas of recipes that you can start to eat for a healthier diet, check out http://www.cookingnakedafter40.com. If you would like personal help you can connect with me there.

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