Is the physician supervised HGH diet safe and effective. Would you please list the pros and cons. Thank you

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  1. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    I agree with others – AVOID!!!! Find a Registered Dietitian to help guide you – not scammers!!! http://www.eatright.org or your local hospital should be able to give you a referral. http://www.thefrugaldietitian.com

  2. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    This is a horrible diet. My dad in the 1960’s lost the same 50-80 pounds for years. It was ridiculously restrictive aside from the 500 calories. Talk to a nutritionist to ascertain which eating and exercise plan would be the best. HGH dieting is just an expensive fad diet.

  3. Shirley Farley wrote on :

    Hi Ruth, Are you referring to using Human Growth Hormone to facilitate weight loss? The New England Journal of Medicine published a study almost 20 years ago that concluded that HGH encouraged increased muscle mass and a reduction in fat. They later denounced the misuse of this study in diet programs. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. It promotes growth in children and also facilitates repair of tissues when growth stages have ceased. It has been used by some as an anti-aging drug with mixed results. It does appear to rejuvenate but the effects quickly disappear when supplementation ceases. HGH cannot be absorbed through oral supplementation although many products promise this. I have no information on the HGH diet. I would assume that it must include foods and supplements to encourage the body’s own production of HGH but can find nothing on it so feel that it may be suspect. Be very cautious. If you can send me more information I will try to be more specific.

  4. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    HGH injections are used to treat adults and children who have growth hormone deficiency, for people who are undergoing organ transplants, and for AIDS-related muscle wasting. Healthy adults, including people that want to lose weight, who take HGH put themselves at risk for joint and muscle pain, swelling in the arms and legs, carpel tunnel syndrome, and insulin resistance. In the elderly, these symptoms are more profound. The FDA has not approved HGH for weight loss for a variety of reasons, including the cost which is easily as much as $1,000 per month, potential aggravation of insulin resistance and other side effects, and lack of long-term safety studies. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has stated that it is not recommended that obese patients use HGH.
    Using HGH for weight loss, body building, or anti-aging is experimental and controversial. HGH injections are believed to decrease fat storage and increase muscle growth to some extent, but studies have not shown this to be a safe or effective weight loss remedy. Until more research can demonstrate the long-term safety and effectiveness of using HGH for weight loss, it’s wise to avoid it.
    Unfortunately, there are no magic pills or methods when it comes to losing weight. Healthy weight loss means taking in fewer calories than you burn in physical activity and increasing that physical activity. Eat less, move more!

  5. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    There was another whole discussion on this in another post – NO!!! It is a 500 calorie diet added with useless either HGH shots or dietary supplements. There is zero research to say it is safe that I have seen!!! http://www.thefrugaldietitian.com

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