chrisabell1 hi, I have problems with vertical lines around my mouth. What can I do to help this?

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  1. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    There are many options but it depends upon the severity of your vertical lines around the mouth.
    Try exfoliating the face & lip area with alpha hydroxy acid three times a week or once if you have sensitive skin. Exfoliate using your fingers lightly, softly & circulate around your lips. Make sure you are using sun tan lotion on lips & the surrounding area. Smokers pucker their lips causing a loss of skin elasticity creating lines.
    *Use almond oil on a regular basis.
    *Vitamin E oil on lips.
    *Retin-A by prescription.
    *Retinol creams comes from vitamin A.
    *Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

    Laser resurfacing, Fraxel is one option or dermabrasion is usually needed if the lines are deeper.

    Collagen fillers require an allergy test first to see if there is allergic reaction. Collagen is derived from cows (bovine) or pigs (porcine) Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers bind moisture and provide fullness. Some options are Juvederm or Restylane.

    Botox or Dysport freezes the muscles that form wrinkles by injection.
    Botox treatment will soften or remove the wrinkle. The doctor must be trained in this area or the movement of the mouth could be effected in a negative way.

    It is best to speak to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about your personal situation.

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:

    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


    • JunieB wrote on :

      Everyone has given great answers! I would recommend exfoliating gently around the lip area as the build up of dry skin will make the area look & feel worse than it is. Shop for a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid which helps to plump the skin. When you apply your lipstick to stop it bleeding into the lines (which I know can be a problem) apply a neutral lip liner followed by a light dusting of powder to set it. Then your lipstick goes on top ! This will stop it running into those lines. Hope all these answers help you !

  2. gkd9@aol.com wrote on :

    Although I’ve never smoked, I have problems with lines around my mouth and above my lip. I’ve had great luck with Avon’s ANEW Platinum lip & eye cream. I could tell the difference within a couple of days. It boosts the production of PAXILLIN to help cells retain fullness and help skin regain it’s youthful contours.

  3. Cindy Joseph wrote on :

    If products and procedures are out of your price range, I would like to make a suggestion. I am not trying to be facetious here. I really mean this. When a woman is experiencing joy, she radiates, is compelling and beautiful, no matter what her features look like, or what shape her body is, or if she has lines around her mouth.
    Notice what YOU find truly attractive in your girlfriends. Is it when they are wearing something specific or how they FEEL about themselves?
    The more you love yourself the more you will smile. A smile is the least expensive procedure for those lines around your mouth. Look in the mirror and watch them disappear when you smile. It really works!

  4. zipporahs wrote on :

    I just left the medspa where I learned about a new procedure called Pelleve for lines. The funny thing is that the Dr. suggested using Retin A. At $50 a tube it’s less than buying an over the counter cream at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s and really helps combat the signs of aging.

  5. Cubie131 wrote on :

    If you want to spend the money and you are so inclined, you can get injections of Juvederm in that area. The results last up to a year with minimal side effects. However, if that’s not a step you want to take, there are many line filling/softening products on the market. Avon’s Ultimate and Platinum Skin care lines reduce lines and give a softer look. The Anew line has a product called Advance Wrinkle Corrector which is light weight and can be worn under your night time moisturizer.
    You can give a softer appearance with makeup as well. A little highlighter in the area near the corners of the mouth gives you a softer look, for a temporary fix.

  6. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    Christabell, Lines from nose to corners of the mouth are commonly called nasolabial lines but technically, the true term is “melolabial” (meaning: the fold between cheeks and the ‘skin’ part of the upper lip where your tiny lines are). The melolabial fold is truly best treated with the hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Anything else won’t make much of a dent. If it’s a matter more of a fine line than a true fold, retinol creams like the Neutrogena night cream with retinol SA may help over time. This same cream, which is the over the counter version of the prescription wrinkle creams, may help with the lip lines as well. It is a myth that pursing the lips causes these lines. Smoking contributes not by the lip pursing action, but by causing breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin and causing loss of plumpness and flexibility. Most of these upper lip lines are genetic and environmentally related (sun damage, etc). Any of the above makeup suggestions I’m sure are helpful as well.
    -Dr. Krant

    • christabell1 wrote on :

      thanks Dr.Krant I appreciate the information. Christy Smith

  7. Cindy Cindy wrote on :

    Actually, Avon has two products that you might want to try.
    1) Derma Full Lip Volumizer–fills in lines around lips for hours of natural fullness
    2) Anew Platinum Eye and Lip Cream
    These are both great products and I hope if you choose one of these it will be of great help to you! Have a Great Day!!

  8. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    The lines can be filled with hyaluronic filler injections. Otherwise, they can be treated with the Fraxel system with a series of 3 to 6 treatments.

  9. Cynthia Bailey MD wrote on :

    The vertical lines around the mouth are really challenging. Options to improve them include:

    Using skin care products to brighten the skin, thus lessening the dark and textural appearance of this area is something you can do at home. Options include prescription tretinion, retinol or AHA products. The tretinoin and AHA products may also stimulate a little collagen formation under your skin to actually build up the area.

    Having superficial procedures done also brightens the appearance of the skin here including microdermabraision treatments and chemical peels. Intense pulsed light treatments will also lessen the uneven pigment and brighten the skin, thus improving the appearance of this area.

    When it comes to trying to actually get rid of the lines themselves you’re looking at deeper procedures. These include laser resurfacing procedures. In my office I use the Sciton laser for Tunable Laser Resurfacing, Micro Laser Peel and ProFractional laser applications for this area. You could also consider deeper chemical acid peels. Finally, fillers work beautifully for this area and my favorite is Juvederm.

    • christabell1 wrote on :

      thanks Dr. Bailey. I appreciate everyones suggestios. I do not smoke or whistle as someone suggested. christy Smith

  10. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    I have had real good luck with Neutrogena Rapid wrinkle repair night cream with accelerated retinol SA – or with ROC deep wrinkle night cream both are really good and not to expensive.

  11. Diandj2872 wrote on :

    Hi! Avon has brought out the perfect product and I have used it.It is called anew eye and lip creme. it comes with a little roller for massaging it around your eye and lip area.You do not have to use very much. It runs $36.00 but, it usually goes on sale. good Luck!Diane

  12. casavon wrote on :

    Usually, but not always, these lines are caused by smoking or whistling. Both cause the lips to pucker and over time, the lines begin to form. Moisturizing around the lips will help but the best product I know to help eliminate these lines is Platinum Eye and Lip Cream by Avon. It’s an excellent eye cream and does a wonderful job helping to eliminate those vertical lines we all seem to get as we age. Good luck!!


  13. christabell1 wrote on :

    christabell1 the lines are the nasal labial lines and the upper lip line too. I cannot pay much money for products or proceedures. thanks for the info.Christy

  14. linda caricofe wrote on :

    Hi there,
    vertical lines around the mouth are one of the first things I noticed as I got older.
    Avon’s Anew products do help this area tremendously.
    Although Anew Advance Wrinkle Corrector is for all of your face and neck, I use it on the area around my mouth…and each side of my face below the cheek line because I smile all the time, and this has cause a few lines in the area too.
    I see a tremendous difference since using this product…the lines are there, but much smoother.
    I also highly recommend Smash Box Face Primer to smooth out problem areas of the face.
    I use Smash Box Face primer before I go in front of my video camera to host videos…and I also use it, when I am rushed and no time for make up…just need something to smooth the lines…it has no color though, it is a clear face primer, used to fill in lines before make up.
    Avon also has a Solutions Plus tube stick to fill in the lines, however, it does not work for me…but, it has a wonderful rating, so , must work for others.
    Thanks for asking this question, it’s a good one , and all of us have those lines, especially those of us that smile a lot 🙂
    Best wishes, Linda

  15. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    The basic problem with the lines around the mouth is dryness. There are several ways to reduce them. The most immediate way is with injections that include Hyaluronic acid or collagen.
    Another technique is Laser, such as Thermage.
    Products which contain Hyaluronic acid combined with peptides can also help to diminish some of these lines. One such product is Beta Alistine Lip Zone Treatment . It is quite effective.
    An at-home from-the-kitchen method is to take the whey from cottage cheese (that’s the yellow juice) and apply it to your skin nightly. It doesn’t smell, nor will it come off onto your pillow slip. If you do this daily for a month, the notable difference will be very apparent. This was discovered by a burn specialist who was trying to increase skin cells.
    Good luck with your endeavor.

  16. traceybrown wrote on :

    Hi there–

    Are those lines from the corner of your nose down the side of your mouth–commonly known as nasal labial lines, or are they above your upper lip? That would help with making the appropriate recommendation.

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