I am looking for college scholarship opportunities for my very bright, very beautiful niece who will graduate (with honors) June, 2012. HELP!!

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  1. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    Mila — Uncovering scholarship money is a job! But well worth the many hours spent since, when it comes to paying for college, time literally is money. First, make sure your niece has the basics under control: Filling out the FAFSA form (the federal student-aid form required for almost any type of financial assistance), checking to see if she lives in a state that provides some college money, talking to her school’s guidance counselor, connecting with her potential college’s office of financial aid or — if she’s not sure where she’ll end up going — browsing the websites of all her possible choices. As in looking for a job, the key to a successful scholarship hunt is enthusiastic and consistent networking. Local civic clubs, service groups, businesses, alumni organizations and churches often sponsor scholarships, so the more people who know your niece is looking for financial help, the better. If she’s seeking or currently has a part-time job or volunteer opportunities, she should ask her supervisors about scholarships, book grants, tuition help or other perks she might qualify for. But be sure she clearly understands the requirements of anything she undertakes, such as writing an essay, putting in so many hours on a project, declaring a specific major, etc., so she won’t waste time (and money!) on something that won’t pay off. (Note: My credentials as a college-money hunter are solid — as a single mom working as an ill-paid newspaper writer, I put my two daughters through college and met my goal of zero post-graduation debt. It can be done, but it’s not easy. Good luck!)

    • Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

      Kudos to you great hunter!! I so appreciate my fellow gurus… the guidance is invaluable!! Thank you kindly.

  2. Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

    Thanks for the information Debbie… I greatly appreciate the effort.

  3. Debbie W. wrote on :

    Here are some websites: http://www.scholarships.com, http://www.nationalmerit.org, http://www.nraef.org, http://www.nhs.us/, http://www.finaid.org, http://www.amvetsnsf.org/scholarships.html. Also, search online within your state, city, county, Elks, Lions, Veterans, Masons, companies like Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Westinghouse, women’s groups, AARP. If she is interested in engineering, check out engineering companies, same with other areas of interest. There are scholarships for racial makeup (whether African American, Italian, Polish, etc.). Check w/ her guidance counselor for tips, also.

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