At FOF, we constantly receive review copies of new books. Would any of you be interested in reviewing one of them for the site? Sort of like an FOF book report 🙂 ps -here’s today’s book giveaway: http://faboverfifty.com/bookblog/2011/07/giveaway-40-copies-of-summers-hottest-new-title/

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  1. mainescot wrote on :

    Oh yes, I would love to review books for FOF. I’ve done reviews for my blog and for other bloggers. I am usually reading when I should be doing something else, but I can’t help it ~ love to read!

  2. blowersm wrote on :

    yes please!!

  3. jwagn wrote on :

    Yes, love to!!!!

  4. sandi anderson wrote on :

    I would love to. Reading the latest books is a passion of mine. I would be pleased to review them. YES!

  5. Valerie Brooks wrote on :

    I am an avid reader of all kinds of books – mostly fiction and I am a librarian in a biotechnical company. This book reviewing would be right up my alley.

  6. Karen Smith wrote on :

    It would be a pleasure to review books for other FOFs! I’ve written book reviews for newspapers and magazines over the years and it’s a real thrill to turn other people on to a great book!!

  7. Sharon Murner wrote on :

    I would thrilled to review any book you have!!!

  8. karin zindren wrote on :

    Being a retired English teacher, there is nothing I would love more than reading and writing a review!! That’s my idea of the perfect life!

  9. Judy Meidel wrote on :

    I would read and post a review.

  10. Jane Hardin wrote on :

    Yes, I would be most interested in something like this!

  11. Orelle Jackson wrote on :

    I would love to do this. Please let me know if I can help. It would be fun to have a book report assignment again!

  12. Marcia Reed wrote on :

    I love reading; most of the time, I have two or three going at once. I would be pleased to read and review for the site. Truthfully, I’m am easy audience, but appreciate fine word crafting and story telling.

  13. Jackie Mutschler wrote on :

    Yes, please!

  14. Ivy Pittman wrote on :

    I would LOVE to receive review copies of new books and review them for the FOF site! I have two reviews in the July issue of Elle. Thanks!!

  15. Carol Stark wrote on :

    I would actually be more interested in doing movie reviews as I have already done those in the past, at The Herald News in Joliet for almost 2 years. Any plans for movie reviews?

  16. Barbara Phelps wrote on :

    Sure, I read several books a week.

  17. victoria dorney wrote on :

    Yes, I would love to do that!

  18. Cathy Buckwalter wrote on :

    I would very much like to review new books…I read a great many books and belong to 5 book groups including a Great Books Discussion Group. Since I retired I get to read many good books and many bad ones and some which are neither good nor bad, but at least worthy of criticism. So bring ’em on!

  19. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    Yes I would love to- this is what I do I review books and products on my blog and cross promote them with my social net workings-I have also posted a review or 2 here on FOF my blog can be found here

  20. Janet Lange wrote on :

    I read a lot of books and would be happy to review some for FOF.

  21. Kathy Watson wrote on :

    Thank you for the opportunity or the chance to be selected. I would love to have a copy. The tough woman in war time genre fascinates me. My all time favorite
    being Gone With the Wind. I’m currently enjoying the Jacqueline Winspear
    Maisie Dobbs series. Maisie is a single woman in depression era who is dealing with her own demons having been a nurse on the battlefield in
    world war one. She investigates mysteries with keen intelligence and insight into human nature. Please send me a copy of the new book.

  22. Katie McDougall wrote on :

    Yes, I would really enjoy reading and reviewing for FOF. I am in a writer’s group of four women who meet every month to get feedback on our own work and share what we have been reading and I just love it.

  23. Barb Puhala wrote on :

    Yes! I would love to read and review books for FOF…I am always reading and I actually keep a record of the books I have read and I write down what I liked about…or didn’t like about them!
    Barb Puhala


  24. Darla Martin wrote on :

    I’d love to receive a book and post a review. I also belong to Goodreads and post book reviews there and occasionally on my blog.


  25. Renee Murphy wrote on :

    i would love to review books.

  26. Janet Smith wrote on :

    Love to!

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