Do you advise people about hair color and hairstyles that are becoming on 62 year olds?

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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Cindy, I am 66, white haired and my hairstyle is cut just like Jaime Lee Curtis! Your age has nothing whatsoever to do with what you like! I’m a wash and go type and hate fooling around with hair, particularly since I did all that every morning in the decades when I was working. This is the 21st century and women can and do wear hairstyles they love and ones that suit them. Just find a good stylist, let him/her know your lifestyle and what you like, ask for some advice and then let them at it! One good thing about hair is that it always grows back! Good luck!

  2. Cindy Cindy wrote on :

    Wow-I think we could be twins. I am 5′ and weigh more than you. I used to have auburn hair when I was much younger and now it has turned strawberry blonde. I have some white/grey hair also and have never colored my hair, but I have lowlights/highlights put in to blend in the white/grey hair. I have always gone to a gym until this past year due to some home circumstances, but now just joined again on this week. Now it is time to get back into shape as I missed going a lot. My face is round /square at the jawline also. I think the cut you have is perfect. As mine is also shoulder length with/feathering on the ends so that it is not so blunt. The style right now is soft and shoulder length. So sounds like we are both in style! What state are you living at? I am in Texas and it is so dreadful hot and dry here. I don’t ever remember it being this way. Well hope I gave you some good advice. Please let me know if I can help in any way!!

    • StyleGoesStrong41143 wrote on :

      Hello, twin! Thanks for your reply. This hair thing is super confusing! Are you a stylist? I’m new to this website, so I’m not sure if “Guru” means that the person is a stylist. Actually, one reason I’ve been coloring my hair and wearing in the style I described is because we’ve been victims of the economic problems in our country. I like the way I look with my hair pulled back, which doesn’t require so many cuts, and it’s so easy to color my hair. Combine that with the fact that I don’t really like to fuss with my hair, and this is what I’ve got! I’m thinking about having a few inches cut so that I can also wear it down. I have this thing about older women wearing their hair too long. Also, I hate for my hair to be in my eyes/face, so this is a great solution. I think my main concern is that I wear it back, in one style or another, every day. Maybe boring? My other concern is what to do about the color. I’m at the point now where I’m needing to either color it or see what it looks like naturally. Confusing!! I live in Indiana. The temps this week have been fantastic, but we’ve had record-breaking highs for the past month. I’ve heard about your weather in TX–HOT!!

    • Cindy Cindy wrote on :

      I am a Licensed Cosmetologist in Texas. I always keep my length at the shoulders because that gives me the opportunity to pull it in a ponytail or wear it down. It is a versatile cut. I have worn the Bob for years, but got tired of that. With color you know you have to keep it up-as the hair grows the roots show and that is an ongoing thing. That is why I highlight or low light my hair. It is so hot here that a man cooked cornbread on top of his vehicle the past week. Today it was partly cloudy so it wasn’t soooo dreadful. I actually live on the coast so I do get the water breeze in the evenings when there is a breeze. I will be watching the weather channel for your state. I am a animal/nature lover. I have been consumed everyday to put out water for the birds and food. That is a never ending process right now with the heat. Let me know if I was helpful and if you need any other assistance, let me know! / Cindy

  3. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    So much is not about your age, but what is most flattering. If you wear it in a longer pony tail all the time, as my stylist says – that’s not a style. It’s fine for once and awhile but not all the time. Figure out how much time you want to spend on your hair daily with fixing it and work with a stylist to come up with a style that fits your features and lifestyle. As far as color – going all one shade and especially a dark shade ages a person. Adding highlights gives your hair dimension and movement, just keep it subtle and it’s more natural looking. If you can accomplish this at home – wonderful!

  4. Debora Rogers wrote on :

    Hair color and hairstyle is in my oppinion a matter of personal preference…
    Just remember when you color your hair and change a style, the darker the color around your face…the MORE shadows are cast of your face, the OLDER you look! One more thing to remember especially now! People all over the US are spending thousands of dollars a month to make their hair GREY! GREY is IN! Live it! Love it!

  5. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    My experience has been to find the person who looks the best to me for her age, and ask her for the name of her stylist. All things considered, when I have a client come in for a facial, if I see that she should do something with her hair, I always recommend that she see a stylist. I have several whom I trust, so it isn’t hard to make a recommendation.

  6. Cubie131 wrote on :

    There is so much more than age to consider when choosing a hair style. You also need to consider face shape, hair type, your personal style and personality, the amount of time you want to devote to upkeep and the overall condition of your hair. You don’t want to try to be 20, but you shouldn’t be afraid to have a little fun. After all, hair grows back and can be easily modified if you aren’t as thrilled as you thought you’d be. There are many websites such the hairstyler.com where you can upload a digital photo-a head shot- and try out all kinds of lengths, styles and colors without any commitment. Print out the ones you really like and take them to you stylist. He or she will let you know how feasible that look is for you. Remember that the wrong style-long or short can look matronly, so don’t feel that you have to have a certain length because of your age. Have fun with this and I hope you find the perfect look for you!

  7. linda caricofe wrote on :

    The best advice on hairstyles for anyone at any age is a hair stylist…or, what we once called a beautician 🙂
    But, I also think a good method of choosing a hair style, is leafing through a magazine.
    Any magazine or catalog that shows women.
    Find someone that resembles you that has a hair style you like, and take it to the stylist and ask her opinion…she will be honest and tell you if this style is right for you.
    Age is a number.
    I do not count birthdays, stopped that when I turned 29.
    I firmly believe if you do not pay attention to the date you will born, you will have a better happier , younger frame of mind.
    So, instead of looking for a hair style for someone your age, look for a hairstyle that looks good with your face.
    Forget the numbers, instead, embrace everyday for what it is…a one of a kind day that will never come again, and make the most of it 🙂
    Forever young, you bet, and smiling too 🙂
    Best wishes,

  8. Elline Surianello wrote on :

    check out http://www.thehairstyler.com – it’s a fun way to see what you can look like with different hair styles. older women don’t look go with long hair, especially if it’s thinning. a shorter cut would compliment your age, and the color depends on how often y ou are willing to maintain it. Also, certain wardrobe colors you wear will have to change if your hair color changes. at our salon, we retail the color swatches to help you choose these colors. check out http://www.jillkirshcolor.com – if you’re ever in NYC, you can come pick one up from us!

  9. casavon wrote on :

    My stylist is my go-to person for advice. She takes my lifestyle, face shape and original hair color when helping me choose what to do.

    When I turned 50, I got my hair cut very short and kept it that way for about 6 years. When I let it grow out it was VERY curly-me, the person with stick straight hair and perms all her life! My stylist was great in advising me what to do with my “new” hair and since then, I’ve worn it long, short , curly and straight. Thanks to her, I can deal with this new part of my aging life!

    Make a consultation appointment with your stylist and tell her what your concerns are. If you don’t have a regular stylist, ask your friends, who have great styles and color, who they go to. Take pictures of styles you like and let her/him tell you what they think.

    My personal opinion is to try to keep your hair color as close to your natural color as possible. It always flatters your skin tone that way-but if you’re brave, go for something different!!

    Good luck! Chris


  10. Cindy Cindy wrote on :

    Yes, but first I need to know the shape of your face-round,oval,square? Many hairstyles are cut according to your face shape. Also, what is your complexion-fair, medium, etc. This helps in selecting the right shade of color. Let me know so I can advise you correctly.

    • StyleGoesStrong41143 wrote on :

      Thanks, Cindy. I know this is hard to do since you can’t see me. Maybe I could send you a picture? Anyway, a bit about me… I’m 5’1″, 106 lbs., fit, an athletic type. I’m not one to mess with my hair, but love to look good. My hair is straight and fairly thick. I guess I have an oval shaped face, possibly on the squarish side. My complexion is medium. You might love the hairstyle that I have now: past my shoulders, wear it in some variation of a ponytail, meaning wearing it in ways that I see in magazines, on celebrities, etc., with neat elastic bands, in twists, etc. I usually try to “puff” it up on top so it’s not too flat. I like wearing cute earrings with this style, as they show up very well. My natural color is a warm brown. Right now, the lowlights are brown, with some blondish highlights. My hair is very susceptible to the sun, so there’s also some sun bleaching. My hair has some grey in it—basically a pretty blonde that wants to come in around my face, which is difficult to keep colored brown for very long. My questions for you are: (1)Do you think the style I have sounds good, and (2)Do you think I should try a warm brown all over, let it go grey, or keep up the highlights/lowlights? By the way, I’ve been doing my own color recently, as it actually looks pretty professional! Thanks again!!

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