Can anyone tell me their experiences with Microdermabrasion? I have slight pock marked skin. Was wondering would this smooth out my face. Also how many treatments are generally required & how much do they run. I see ads for it ranging from $50.00 from Non dermatologist type places. recommendations?

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  1. Marilyn Montague wrote on :

    I love microdermabrasion. I have it done at a local salon by an esthetician and always have good results. I’ve never experienced any redness and I love the products they us. It leaves my skin looking and feeling wonderful. You do need to wear a product with spf following the treatment. I bought a pakage deal at the salon which included 5 treatments for 149 dollars. I did the treatments 2 weeks apart. I guess results vary though according to skin type so you should either consult a dermatologist first for suggestions or speak with the esthetician who can recommend the best procedure for the best results for you. Sometimes you can get a great price on groupon or a local similar daily deal sight in your area. Just make sure you check reviews on the place you are going to if you are unfamiliar with them. Best of luck. Hope this helps.

    • Marilyn Montague wrote on :

      Sorry for my typo: * (correction) I love the products they USE.

  2. Andrea Lawley wrote on :

    I can indeed. I’ve done it a few times and the results was very good. My skin was very soft and I had no adverse reactions. Having said that, some ladies have rashes and other problems which you might want to check out with your cosmetologist before you begin

  3. seed01 wrote on :

    I have try microdermabrasion last, I my self had two small scars on my face from acne, and now they are no longer there, I had two visits the first was 120.00 with products, the second time was 45.00, hope that helps.

  4. Badgerbabe wrote on :

    I have had 4 treatments to smooth out some brown and rough spots I have noticed a definite improvement………..felt like a cat with a rough tongue was licking me during the process..I had no redness or issues after. Loved it!

  5. terry hesse wrote on :

    Yes, it will definately smooth out your skin. I did it for acne scarring and it made a huge difference. I did it with an esthetician. You will probably need multiple treatments to make a real difference. I did 10. I know other people who have done it for the same reason with wonderful results!

  6. Laura Jarvis wrote on :

    I remember back in the 70’s when I was a teenager I would see girls that had a dermabrasion procedure and they were very red faced to the point it looked like it hurt. Many of them took the week off to allow some healing. Now a days we have microdermabrasion which is much gentler and does not peel anything off other than dead skin. I use it at least every other day as a way to keep my skin looking younger for longer. I am 55 and I have tried some different products. Some are better than others but some are also very costly. These types of treatment will not smooth your face off where you have your pock marks. You will need a more extensive treatment for that so visit a reputable doctor. Do not trust your face to anyone. If it is too expensive, learn to embrace your imperfections, we all have them and that is okay too!. Micro dermabrasion on a regular basis will make you feel better about your face if you do not already use it.

  7. Fran Hoagland wrote on :

    I’ve had micro dermabrasion at a dermatologist’s office. I got streaks from my sensitive skin and it seemed to last less than a week. I’d recommend the laser. I have a good friend who does this and her skin looks better than her 30 year old daughters…I got better results from philosophy micro delivery peel.

  8. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    Fraxel laser costs depend on where you live: more expensive in New York than California, for example. Treatment averages around $2-3,000 and varies in effectiveness from individual to individual, sometimes requiring a series of treatments. Get a pro with references for good results. Don’t skimp: it’s your face!

  9. Doreena Silva wrote on :

    Thank you Ladies so much for your replies & insights. Do any of you have price ranges for these procedures? I see lots of Spa type places advertising most of these procedures & they don’t seem too expensive. Was wondering if they should only be done by MD’s The procedures are quite expensive at the MD’s office & unfortunately not covered by insurance.

    • Annie Q wrote on :

      I don’t think microdermabrasion needs to be done by a doctor. I had three done by an aesthetician with no bad results. It seems like a pretty safe procedure. But I also don’t think it does much of anything. It causes some microinflammation that gives you nice smoothness for a day or two, but nothing that lasts. For me, it was a waste of money. (I did three, appropriately spaced, and followed all instructions to the letter.)

  10. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Microdermabrasion is an excellent solution for your skin problem. I have been using this machine for years, and my clients are very happy.
    You can go to a medical doctor for this, and if your insurance covers the treatments, it will cost less. However, in most cases, it is an out-of-pocket expense to you.
    Clients who have slightly pocked skin should go once a week for about six to ten weeks to get ultimate results. I had once client whose face was terribly pocked and scarred, and after ten weeks we cleared more than 85% of the scarring. We took several months off before continuing. I would recommend the same for you.
    The best way to select who performs a microdermabrasion on you is to look for a certificate of education in microdermabrasion (preferably from the manufacturer.) Some people have machines, but do not use them properly.
    Results are amazing with good service and skin care.

    Since I ask all my clients to use extra virgin olive oil every time they clean their skin, I notice that this also helps with the microdermabrasion, softening the dead skin before removal, giving a deeper peel. Since EVOO has all the anti-oxidants the body requires (in direct proportion) and has a cell size smaller than your blood cell, it does a great deal to repair your skin and leave it quite healthy. Within five days, compliments begin.
    Good luck in finding a good microdermabrasion series.
    Maria Comfort

  11. drjosie wrote on :

    I agree with Dr Bailey. While microdermabrasion is a wonderful treatment it will not improve pock marked skin. Currently in my practice I use Sciton’s Profractional-XC laser for the treatment Dr Bailey describes. It creates clean channels in the skin, so healing time is generally much faster than laser resurfacing. Most of my patients will have this procedure on a Thursday night and can generally wear make-up by Saturday night. Several treatments may be necessary depending on how deep the pock marks are. Save your money and find a doctor in your neighborhood with a good reputation for these procedures. Once your skin is smooth, microdermabrasion is an excellent maintenance procedure but look for place that offer the crystal free procedures as there is less irritation from these units.

  12. Cynthia Bailey MD wrote on :

    Microdermabrasion is the removal of the top dead skin cells (exfoliation) in a procedure that usually has no down time. Its goal is to make the skin look immediately prettier by exfoliation, but it’s not really an invasive procedure. It does not reach to the skin level where a scar resides. The term ‘pockmark’ usually implies that there is a scar and so any treatment that will create real changes in it needs to go deeper where the scar sits in the skin. In the past this would have been dermabrasion (note that there is not ‘micro’ in that term) which is the removal of more than the dead skin cells, and thus there was significant ‘down time’. It is not done very much anymore but it would create the sort of ‘injury’ necessary to reach the skin level where scarring resides.

    Nowadays we usually use lasers to create this type of injury. The way I do it is to both plane down the skin with the laser and then we may also create little channels in it to reach even further into the living skin layers. The idea is to get the body to heal with some new collagen, thus remodeling the scar. The goal is to soften the scar’s appearance. There is ‘down time’ to the type of injury typically required for this type of treatment.

    So, back to your question, with microdermabrasion, the goal is typically for skin to look pretty and exfoliated after the procedure, which may help the pockmarks be less of a dominant focus when you look at your skin. It won’t really smooth out facial skin though. In my office, it’s typically done on an ongoing basis to keep the skin looking it’s best.

  13. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    I love microdermabrasion. It’s a great technology but for pock marked skin you would need to do microdermabrasion and a laser. We recommend the MedLite C Laser. The results are amazing!

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