What type of workout or workouts would be best for a 56 yr old that has average 3 days a week to exercise? My goal is to lose a few lbs., lose this muffin top and be healthy. thank you

3 Answers

  1. mermaide100 wrote on :

    I do TRX three mornings a week, followed by a swim. TRX is flexibility and cardio via a system of straps/resistance training. It feels delicious, and the results are astounding. I am 59

  2. Tammy Wise wrote on :

    Without seeing you or knowing anything about your fitness level. My first inclination is to say, Cardio & Strength Training combo. Cardio, 20-minutes and above, will burn immediate calorie, while strength training will raise your basal metabolism, burning more calories with a resting heart rate. Strength training can be with a trainer in a gym or Body Sculpting classes in the studio, which ever you prefer. Consistent workouts three days a week can make improvements, but consistency is the key to your success!

  3. nannananu wrote on :

    I think the best work out is boot camp…I have been doing this type of class for 7 months, with a fab instructor. I have dropped 8 lbs and finally began to see a big difference in my body…when people begin to comment it works…of course eating a good diet of veggies and fruit and walking…it worked for me….ps – hard work but well worth it….I am 59…

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