I am 55 years old and quite heavy. I need to find a way to wear my hair that does not make me just look old and fat! I do not take time with my hair so I need a style that is wash and wear. I am going to Denver the end of the month and was hoping to find a stylist who could help, any suggestions?

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  1. shellie robin wrote on :

    I recommend finding a few hair styles you like in a magazine or online that fits the shape of your face and taking them to the stylist. He/she will be able to recommend if your type of hair will work. Ideally, you want a style that you can easily maintain. Coloring is a big factor too — as well as if you’re graying. Hair is an important beauty asset and can help you to look younger and thinner! Perhaps go for a total makeover — you’ll feel better and find out makeup and clothing techniques to achieve your goals! In the meantime, focus on your health — diet and exercise is a huge factor and a motivator. Best wishes!

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