I am 67 yrs, old. My hair is grey with a lot of yellow. How to get the yellow out? Is there a gray dye?

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13 Answers

  1. sexyandgray wrote on :

    http://goinggrayblog.com has a ton of gray hair resources including shampoos and conditioners. Enjoy!

  2. sexyandgray wrote on :

    There’s a great site with tons of gray hair resources including shampoos and conditioners. Enjoy!

  3. Marcia Hatten wrote on :

    Whenever I use Phyto’s Whitening shampoo in conjunction with Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze in clear shine. I always get compliments on how beautiful & amazing my hair looks. Very shiny & silvery. (I am 67 too)

  4. jan13ice wrote on :

    I sympathize with your problem b ut do not understand it. I too have pure white hair with no “yellow” color to get rid of. Good luck

  5. Dorothy Goldie wrote on :

    I have this same problem. Here is what I have found. The purply shampoos alone will not fix this problem, in my experience. First, avoid the sun. Wear a hat if you’re going to be in the sun for a long time. It turns white hair yellow. 2nd – be careful about the mineral content of the water you use to wash your hair. White hair will absorb iron from the water. Use bottled water if you have a well. Finally, use CHI Yellow Buster conditioner every time you wash. This is a neutralizing conditioner designed to remove chemicals from your hair after processing. It will take the yellow out over time. If you really have a lot of yellow, a good colorist can dull it with careful application of an ashy color, but your hair will be light ash blonde, not white. I try to avoid that by being really careful to avoid sun and hard water.

  6. kathi fincham wrote on :

    My wonderful hair guru has me use Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo to keep my all grey hair from turning brassy. It’s a toner for blonde or grey hair, and I use it a couple times a week. It’s worth a try for you, too!!

  7. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    Diana Jewell is author of “Going Gray, Looking Great” & in this book she discusses options to enhance gray color. http://goinggraylookinggreat.com

    1) Highlighting- creates a lighter warmer effect using foil placement done by an expert.
    2) Lowlighting- adds deeper color to selected areas for tonal effect.
    3) Clarifying- a shampoo or treatment to lift buildup of product residue & can lighten hair, brighten tone or restore shine.
    4) Glazing- this will wash out, but the process adds shine to hair.
    5) Area coloring- the placement of color providing depth of color in selected areas. Ex: can cover the “yellow” area.

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:
    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


  8. Susan S. wrote on :

    When gray or white hair has turned yellow you need to neutralize it with a deep blue violet shade. There are toners available for this that can be purchased at most beauty supply shops and any qualified sales person should be able to show you how to use them. It’s not difficult, but you are putting the equivalent of chemical dye on your hair. The plus side is that it corrects instantly, but the downside is that you have to mix it up, apply it, let it process, rinse it out, and then repeat every 4 weeks or so. If you’re interested in something more natural, but at the same time more gradual, you can get the same effect over time with color depositing shampoos and conditioners. A great product line that’s gentle and filled with nourishing plant extracts is Phyto, a highly respected French company. Their Phytargent Shampoo is specifically for whitening yellow tones and softening the coarseness of gray hair.

  9. Diane Hinkle wrote on :

    There are many shampoos for gray hair and if they are used regularly or every other time, the yellow will disappear. I use Jhirmack and a large bottle is about 3-4 dollars. Try it…………it works.

  10. Cubie131 wrote on :

    There are lots of purple shampoos on the market designed to get rid of the yellow or brassy look that people with very blonde, silver, grey or white hair sometimes have. Shimmer Lights by Clairol is a great product. They make a shampoo and a conditioner-you can use one or both. Shampoo or condition and leave it on for a few minutes as directed. The yellow will be gone! You can find these products at grocery, discount or beauty supply stores and Shimmer Lights is quite reasonably priced. Hope this helps!

    • Mamavalveeta03 wrote on :

      I’ve read the same about Shimmer Lights by Clairol, and have had friends that use it recommend it to keep away the brassiness in my color. It gets high marks and it’s not expensive!

    • Cubie131 wrote on :

      I have used other products-several salon lines have similar products and they all work. However, Shimmer Lights is easy to find and under ten dollars for a generously sized bottle, so it’s my first choice!

  11. linda caricofe wrote on :

    I highly recommend John Frieda hair products for Platinum Blonde Hair..or the lightest shade of blonde.
    My sister’s hair started to gray, and although she is not a blonde, I suggested she use this product.
    Her hair is now a fabulous sexy white shade…in one year of using this product, no yellow, no gray.
    She uses the shampoo and conditioner, nothing else.
    She has never looked better, and her hair, which once was difficult to mange, is now smooth as silk, thanks to this product.
    I use it to keep my dark roots, light, between hair appointment touch ups.
    John Frieda, not expensive, and can stand the test with any high priced salon product out there.
    Best wishes,

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