How can I wear vintage clothes without looking dated. I am only 45 but wearing vintage can age you if you wear it wrong. I am very attracted to the 70’s clothes.Wide leg pants, A line skirts, maxi skirts and dresses. How do I wear these items at my age and not look like mutton dressed like lamb?

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  1. Andrea Lawley wrote on :

    If you are comfortable and confident in your clothes (and in your own skin) you can wear anything! That’s called style 😉

  2. 3thingsuneed wrote on :

    I have been a seller on Ebay of vintage jewelry for over 11 yrs now and yes while it great to see what is selling you also need to see what sold in the Completed List that will give an idea of what they sold for. The price can change week to week. You can also think of putting a few pieces together as a “Lot”. The way you word the listing title on Ebay can determine if it will sell high, low or at all.. very important step.. good luck
    You can also check another auction site called Boocoo. Etsy can give you an idea also..

  3. Maria Comfort wrote on :


  4. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    LOL! Everything old is really new again! You are describing every piece of clothing I wore in the ’60s! Wide leg pants (and jeans) are in again! I didn’t know the A-line ever went out, as women love the way it doesn’t hug our bottoms. Maxi skirts with boots are worn all the time. Maxi dresses are not and they do tend to make one look out of place today, unless you are going to a retro convention. I have a friend who keeps every piece of clothing she has ever owned and that includes shoes. She has clothes older than you are. She pops them out of boxes when they come back into style and she rarely buys anything new. What she does do is accessorize with modern fashion or jewelry or shoes. You are what is known as an “old soul” and you love the older clothes. Go for it! Go online and look at vintage clothing stores, etc. There a lot of them! You can see how the clothes are worn and with what. French women put together old and new and look fantastic. It’s something we all should learn how to do. I admire your style very much!

  5. nicki hale wrote on :

    You can wear vintage but I say wear one thing at a time and amp it up with something modern.

  6. ht9607 wrote on :

    Keep the vintage part of your outfit minimal, as in one perfect accessory such as a handbag, or cool 70s pendant necklace), and the rest of your outfit should be clothing bought recently. If the vintage piece is not in excellent condition, let it go. If you do want to try an vintage sweater or maxi skirt, be sure it is in mint condition and fits perfectly. Better to buy an updated version of a 70’s style. The fabrics we have nowadays are so much better!

  7. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    First I will answer your question about vintage. Wearing vintage head to toe is dated & not fashionable. Instead wear items ex: vintage sweater or blouse w/ an updated pant or skirt so there are elements in feeling that sends out the vintage message. Mary Jane shoes (rounded toe) have been updated this season (Prada & Louboutin) but always have a retro feel & can be accessorized w/ a vintage skirt but then update your top option.

    Wide leg pants should always be worn w/ a heel (shoe or boot). A line skirts are trending right into Spring ’12. Keep your top closer to the torso ending at waistline or tuck into your skirt & pair w/ a wide belt giving you the waist definition. The shift dress is available now & will continue into next year. This silhouette looks good on most body types but the length should be adjusted to your height (above the knee) for a fresh look.

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    • Constance Snow wrote on :

      I agree with just about everything you have mentioned except…wide leg pants can look fabulous with flat sandals or shoes. Just make certain that the pants don’t drag on the ground. Check out photos of Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel or Diane Keaton.

  8. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    Kudos to recognizing that vintage gone wrong is disastrous for us FOFs — unlike our daughters/granddaughters, who can wear retro with adorable impunity. The key for us is to make it modern. Stick to the sleek & clean versions of what you love and then jazz it up with funky … uh, make that “groovy” … accessories. Wide-leg pants can be flattering and fun — choose mid-rise to avoid the 1) dreaded mom-jeans look from high-rise and the 2) avoid-at-all-costs muffin top from low-rise waistlines and make sure the pants legs aren’t too floppy. Pair with a slim-fitting knit top and wide leather belt and add a statement-making scarf and/or some big hoop earrings and you’ll be making the ’70s your own. Use the same add-ons with A-line skirts for a sleek & lean line (keep the length appropriate for your body — too long is too dowdy & too short is too … well, you know) or go in the opposite direction with a soft & flowy peasant-style top that’s banded or elasticized to hit above the hips. As with wide-leg pants, make sure the A-line skirts are not too voluminous, and avoid the sad sloppiness of combining these wide-at-the-bottom pieces with unstructured tops such as loose-fitting T-shirts. And now for the maxi skirts. What says ’70s more than maxi skirts — or “granny dresses,” as we who were teens in the ’70s (“I love you, Bobby Sherman!!!”) called them? Conversely, this is the trickiest of the ’70s looks to wear today. Of course, the long sundress that’s been popular for the past few years is perfect for at-home hostessing (and hanging out at the beach, of course) but it can be difficult to successfully translate that look to everyday out-of-the-house life and maintain our chic FOF style. For fall/winter, what about long body-skimming knit dresses that hit mid-calf? A leather hip-slung belt, boots and a big cropped jacket should add the finishing touches. The key things to remember about rockin’ some retro: Don’t be literal, keep it contemporary and don’t forget about fit. And remember — John Denver will always be alive in our hearts!

  9. Patricia Assanowicz wrote on :

    Actually to me the vintage look is still pretty popular. The wide leg pants I still wear, but, I do not set it off with bright florals or plaids. There are alot of vintage clothes you can wear but in my opinion in the plaids or florals i would keep those patterns in the dress or skirts and on the skirt i would finish it off with a plain top. I have seen some young women wear plaid skirts with stripped tops,that to me just screams NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! you are young and most likely beauiful and as myself I love vintage, remembering going through my grandmothers closet and saying no only to a couple peices and oh yes to the rest. i also remember asking my mom if i could have these when granny was going to Heaven to be with grampa, she told me to ask my granny, I did and she told me she didn’t think anyone wanted this stuff, as she put it, and told me i could have anything i wanted, i still wear these clothes, I guess the best advice I can give is carefully put together the outfit, putting plaids with strips and i see it alot just makes you look older, good luck and have fun with vintage peices, these are awesome to me and I can guarentee you will look great in them, enjoy, you will probably bring back a fashion that has been lost over time, as you walk by people and places they are looking and if the outfit is not too over the top, they are most likely saying wow she looks great, so go for the gold, just again “in my opinion” dont mix different patterns, have fun.

  10. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    OK, this is an excellent question. First, it’s all about the “line” of the head-to-toe look once put together. There are many many “new” looks which coincide with the 70’s looks you mentioned. The maxi skirts/dresses for example…nothing could be more fashionable now, especially as we head into winter & holidays. Take a look at Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen and their line called
    “The Row.” Everything about them looks retro, but it’s so modern. I wouldn’t wear the floppy hats, and I definitely would keep your look sleek & clean. Lace, crochet is all OK, but this time around it fits, it doesn’t drip. The floral skirts need to stay in the closet until spring, try to keep to the basics or really small prints, like Ralph Lauren ones. Big bold statement jewelry, even if it’s a single strand with large beads (short or long), bangles for sure. Use the lovely new booties with socks or hosiery. Keep the lines straight & clean, sleek & elegant. Hope this helps. Come see me at my blog: splenderosa.blogspot.com/

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