HELP ! I have a problem with hair thinning along with hair loss. The pattern of loss include the temples and the crown.. Beyond the crown, from ear to ear my hair is thick with considerable length, I don’t use chemicals of any type on my hair. What can I do to rid my self of wigs and scarfs

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  1. Heidi n wrote on :

    Hang in there, go to your dr, she,or he, will be able to rule out some reasons for hair loss. Some causes are easier to fix than others.There are a bunch of imbalances that can cause hair loss. Emotional issues’ can make matters worse. I remember finding this very frustrating because I was already very upset!
    My hair loss lasted for two years in varying degrees. In addition to my regular dr I saw an endocrinologist ,a therapist and a nutritionist . I discovered I had some imbalances with magnesium and I also benefitted from Biotin supplements ,it is REALLY important to have a doctor follow these treatments too much of a good thing is bad. My hair stopped falling out but my liver numbers went up..turns out I was getting a dangerous amount of vita A in one of my many supplements.
    I am fine now but it took a year for my liver to totally heal. So be careful, but I swear, you can stop this ,it takes time but you can, I also used Rogain near the end and it seemed to stop some of the fallout. I wish you the best of luck…I will say that my nearly bald spots are full of beautiful hair now..I was sure that it was gone for good…have hope

  2. TruthinAging wrote on :

    There is an all-natural approach – emu oil. There is research behind it, showing that it wakes up even dormant follicles. You can get more background on it here: http://truthinaging.com/hair/uniquely-emu-oil-for-hair-growth

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