I hardly ever get manicures but I’m going to my husband’s holiday party and need a great festive shade, any ideas ladies?

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  1. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    A French manicure with a thin line of silver glitter polish between the pink & the white sections is subtle but catches the light. Get it done with the newer Laquer Polish and it will last 3 weeks!!

  2. Marla5115 wrote on :

    Just picked up a great shade today that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s by the company Spoiled, which is a CVS brand, and the color is “I Don’t Drink Cheap Wine”. An amazing shiny wine colored polish.

  3. soap wrote on :

    OPI Siberian Nights (2 coats in a deep plum color); then I use a gold glitter polish an stroke a thin diagonal stripe across each nail before using a glossy top coat. I receive compliments on this combination all the time…and this can be worn in Fall & Winter seasons

  4. DLori27 wrote on :

    I don’t often wear nail polish but for the holidays or for special occasions, I love bright colors, particularly red, just like the color posted on your site. That would be the perfect shade for me.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  5. RitaMimi King wrote on :

    Well, you just can’t miss with reds. I usually do my own nails, I keep them short and they are easy to maintain. If you aren’t great with a brush, enlist the help of a friend. A bright red with a top coat will get you through an evening. Some of my faves Reds by Revlon or OPI. Good luck!

  6. Erica Rothstein wrote on :

    Whatever color you like that goes with whatever you’re planning to wear. I like watermelon shades and deep reds, but you should go with WHATEVER makes you smile! Try on a few colors before you sit down to see how they look on your nails and go with something that works well with your skin shade.

  7. Janice Harness wrote on :

    Sephora by OPI in the color Already Famous. A beautiful micro glitter in a sort of taupe/gold base. Just beautiful and wearable with anything and very much a dupe for Chanel’s Quartz.

  8. Diana Stuef wrote on :

    Short nails in slightly graphite with tiny glitter delicately brushed over the tips. You can barely see it but it gives beautiful sparkle as you move your hands, especially at night. Beautiful!

    • Diana Stuef wrote on :

      That was slightly metallic graphite. I have been wearing this color minus the glitter for a few months now and I have never had so many compliments on any color and I am a mani and pedi junkie.

  9. catsrule9999 wrote on :

    Get a bottle of Sephora by Opi’s Leaf Him at the Altar. It’s a gorgeous shimmery medium green. So you’ll look festive but not like everyone else in their traditional reds.

  10. Gwen Surell wrote on :

    My “go to” nail polish at Christmas? I have a ciuple, and theyre both OPI reds: Big Red Gift is a true red, like a crayon, and I’m Really Not a Waitress, a deep luxurious red that is pearly — very festive. I’m wearing that now!!

  11. Sheila Brennan wrote on :

    Frankly, and especially for the holidays, I thin OPI Reds are the best!

  12. Valerie Clark wrote on :

    Depends…if you have fab nails…go for the bold colors if not pastels work.

  13. Cindy Steele wrote on :

    glitterly gold

  14. Judith Pierce wrote on :

    OPI’s “I’m not a waitress.” It’s an awesome red with punch, but not too sparkly as to be too “teenager.”

    • Judith Pierce wrote on :

      P.S. I put this on my toes, and leave my hands very neutral (usually a mani and a buff). With cute open toe sandals or pumps, you’ll look really hot!

    • Gwen Surell wrote on :

      Great color! I’m wearing it right now – toes and nails, too!

  15. Patricia Tyborowski wrote on :

    I agree with Kari, I’d go with one shade, rather than French. Some nice shimmery berry shades out there– china glaze has one called “Long Kiss” that I like.

  16. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    You could always do the traditional holiday red, but if you aren’t particularly fond of reds, go for a fuchsia or bright berry shade. Try a shade with a little bit of shimmer in it for the holidays. If reds and berrys aren’t your thing, there are some great metallic silver or golds that could also be fun for the holidays.

  17. Cubie131 wrote on :

    OPI has a shade called “I’m not really a waitress” which is a great shimmery red and one of their most popular colors. It’s a perfect holiday color. The holidays are a great time to have a little fun with color.

  18. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Unless you have spectacular hands, don’t draw attention to them with a shade that screams “look here!” A neutral shade or a sheer is best and looks good with everything! The fact that they are beautifully manicured says a lot about your attention to detail.

  19. traceybrown wrote on :

    Hi there–
    I happen to love getting manis in various colors. Short nails are in vogue as well as French manicures with a twist. If you are a bit of a color-phobe, you may consider doing a nude nail with a glittery or shimmery tip rather than the traditional white tip. If you are into holiday cheer — there are a plethora of shimmery reds, greens, golds and silver polishes too. You can play with variations of the French mani with any colors and let your imagination run wild. Remember, it’s only nail polish, not a tattoo. It comes right off.
    Word of caution — when you get your manicure, be sure the implements have been sterilized. Most reputable nail salons and spas will remove the implements from a sealed bag in front of you—indicating that the implements have been properly sterilized.
    I personally take my own implements. After a scare that left me minus a fingernail and the tissue from my finger removed all the way back to my first knuckle– I don’t trust anyone.
    Enjoy the party!!!

    • Alene Wendrow wrote on :

      Tracey, how awful!! I’m looking for a new shop as we moved farther from my old one. I’ve not been that aware of sterility, but I will now!! Thank you!

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