Good Morning FOF’s I am looking Avon products that will help with deep lines & wrinkles between & around my eyes. Also light lines around my lips. Please can anyone make a suggestion of products that they have found TRULY work. I have wasted so much money on a drawer full of products that Don’t. TY

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  1. cjbehr wrote on :

    I love, love, love the Avon Anew Genics product line! Feels fabulous just going on your face. You can often get it on sale and it goes a long way.

  2. avonlady wrote on :

    The avon grren gel eye cream works really well and actually any of their eye creams are very soothing.

  3. JoanE wrote on :

    Eventhough I am an Avon representative, I do not strongly endorsed any of our skin products. They work great on me but can’t vouch for others. I provide samples and recommendations and everyone chooses their favorite. But, to minimize wrinkles we have a new product called Anew Pro Line Eraser Treatment.
    This works great! Infact, Avon has won two awards so far for this product. Everyone that I have sold this to absolutely loves it. While nothing can completely eliminate lines, when this product is used AM and PM before your moisturizer and after cleansing, you will definately see a difference. I am 69 years old and now it is just patch, patch, patch, but I intend to wage a good fight against time.
    You can order online from me at http://www.youravon.com/jelmer and it will be shipped directly to you.

  4. jraymondavon wrote on :

    Some women never have to lie about their age…their eyes do it for them. Now eyes can look up to 10 years younger.* Genics Eye Treatment with Youthgen™ Technology is designed to help skin cells act younger.** Undo up to 10 years form the look of your eyes.* Diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles and fine crow’s-feet. Eye area feels re-energized and restores the look of youthful brilliance, remarkable smoothness, definition and elasticity.* Use AM and PM in place of your eye cream. .5 oz. net wt. *Based on a consumer-perception study of women 45-59.

  5. jraymondavon wrote on :

    Avon has a new eye and lip cream that will help with that! The 1st eye & lip treatment formulated with Paxillium Technology to boost the production of Paxillin by 60% to help restore youthful cell shape. http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?level1_id=300&level2_id=302&pdept_id=322&cat_type=C&pf_id=41179

  6. Sita Hoyt wrote on :

    Try Avon’s Anew Genics Eye Treatment. It works! Also, there is Avon’s Anew Ultimate for the eyes.

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