My two favorite celeb style role models are Lauren Hutton and Diane Keaton. I remember embracing the Annie Hall look years ago. When Lauren Hutton modeled for J. Crew, I thought, “Finally, now I’ll now how to put it together.” All I need are pictures. I can do the rest.

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  1. nidradeb wrote on :

    I couldn’t agree more – love both Diane and Lauren and am a big fan of J Crew – in moderation. You can have a ton of fun with the pencil skirts, oversized cashmere sweaters, skinny jeans and sequin tanks – that create an instant ‘look.’

  2. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    I think J Crew is a great resources and they were smart in choosing Lauren as their “older” model. She personally is one of the few celebs who has innate style and knows how to mix items wonderfully. Always modern, never overdone, and really ageless. Diane, as you know has a signature look…and for me too dependent on hiding herself. But she is original and obviously has fun with clothes.

    • shellyleer wrote on :

      Yeah, what’s the whole turtleneck, gloves thing about? I don’t get that at all.

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