Has anyone ever had a gall bladder attack (or know someone who has) that would be willing to share their experience for a story I’m working on for FOF?

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  1. Teresa Gordon wrote on :

    Yes I have. I finally had surgery in 2001. Wow, talk about pain! It seems gall bladder disease is a hard one to diagnose. It began as stomach cramps that were unbearable and would actually cause me to double over in pain. After several visits to my Doctor, he referred me to a Gastro where it was determined that i had a diseased gall bladder.

    • Sara Wald wrote on :

      Hi Teresa — my mom recently had one which is what interested me in writing a story for the site. From reading a bit about it, it seems pretty common in the women over 50 demographic. I’m going to e-mail you off of Ask an FOF to schedule a time to talk further.

    • Teresa Gordon wrote on :

      I would be glad to help. You can email me at teresa.gordon@nebo.edu.

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