Has anyone tried the HCG diet? I am working on a health story and would like to interview an FOF about their experiences with this weight loss method.

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  1. tksinclair wrote on :

    I write a blog on dieting; basically lean protein, low carb and foods low on the glycemic index. A large portion of people who come to me from advice have tried the HCG diet and every one of them has gained it back…but to be perfectly honest that will happen no matter WHAT diet someone uses. If they use a diet. A healthy eating lifestyle is continuous…a diet has a start and an end. If people lose weight (regardless of how they do it) and then just return to their old food they will return to their old weight it’s just that simple. So any plan that does not concentrate on the eating LONG TERM will only work temporarily and that’s just the way it is. Additionally there are many side effects reported from my readers that include headaches, cravings, nauseated feelings, leg cramps, depression, irritation, gallstones, thinning hair, weakness, blood clot problems related to the injections…and more….this is not something to mess around with and the side effects can be extremely dangerous and threatening to good health. The “magic wand” to weight control is in the kitchen. It’s just that simple…that’s why with all the convenience and low fat foods (filled with sugar btw) we are just getting fatter and fatter. The answer is simple but every body wants some special crazy quick fix. It doesn’t exist…I have over 10,000 readers and basically the key is staying away from “white” food…or at least limiting it. And of course SUGAR. Sugar is the problem…not fat. The HCG diet does not teach people how and what to eat…and you may think “Oh, I know what to eat if I could just get the weight off in a hurry” but that’s just not the way it works. The JOURNEY to lose weight is really about finding out foods you can enjoy after you’ve lost the weight and can continue to eat and finding activities you plan to continue and add to not stop when you hit goal weight …not just eat for 2 months and return to your old habits! You’ll just gain the weight back.

    DIETING is a JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY whether you want to believe it or not…if not then I guarantee you – you will gain the weight back.

    So remember, the LOSING PART is a journey of discovery…finding recipes, and delicious foods and healthy activities you can maintain. Otherwise you will just return to eating poorly and gain it all back (and likely more) Changing your head is MUCH more important then changing what’s on your plate. People have done that for years and where does it get them? To next January where they are starting the NEW Diet of the year!

  2. Kay tate wrote on :

    Do not do this diet!! You are restricted to 500 calories and no fats ..not even skin lotion…and costs a lot…lost 15 lbs..have gained it back and then some….count calories ,eat good ..no fast food!

  3. Jollywa wrote on :

    Perhaps I am too late seeing this. But i have had success with the HCG, when other more traditional diets simply have not worked. I am 59 years old and have struggled with my weifht ever si ce I went into menopause at 42. The HCG Diet is a miracle. I lost 52.8 lbs in 3 – 21 day rounds over 8 months. I finally understood what “maintenance” is about, and I have had no problem in maintaining my weight loss for the past 4 months. For those who believe you ‘starve yourself’, Try reading the book, Weight Loss Apocalypse” by Robyn Phipps Woodall to gain an understanding of the physiology of the diet. It is definitely not the same as eating 500 calories per day without HCG, and the results are not the same.

  4. lorijean wrote on :

    Probably too late for your story, but I’ve had amazing success on the HCG diet. You not only exist on the 500 calories you eat, but draw calories and energy on adipose tissue. I’ve lost in areas I definitely could not, on other diets. 30 lbs!!! It was the best diet I’ve EVER been on!!! FREAKY GOOD!!!!!

  5. Darlene Eckleberry wrote on :

    Yes and I would NOT recommend it. The weight is lost by a severe calorie reduction of 500/day! It creates havoc with your system; causes dizziness; loss of consintration; you can’t really function except to maybe watch TV. Not a healthy weight loss because you drop so fast when you’re done you bounce back like a starving elephant. Best to stick with a moderate weight loss of 2#/week, keep exercising; learn impluse control and portion size. I also had very poor customer service with a vendor and ended up paying for what was advertised to try for free. Treat your body well and it will be healthy and reliable for many years to come.

    • Jollywa wrote on :

      Sounds like you got a bad batch from a poor vendor. I am sorry to hear that your ezperience in no way matches mine. I hope you will give the Diet another try some day.

  6. lisa thurman wrote on :

    my friend lost the weight about 28pds. He has sinced gained it back.

  7. nidradeb wrote on :

    Can you share your findings? I haven’t but may be interested….

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