Hello . I have a question. Here it goes, i am in post-Menopause. Have bad night sweats. But many times i wake up and my body smells like urine. Yeap urine, i smell it upper part of my body not lower. Is this normal. My menopause has been really bad for the last 7 years. Am 53 years young. Thanks

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  1. Jessica Drummond, MPT, CHC wrote on :

    Hi Teddybear777,

    As Dr. Cederquist has said, sweat does contain uric acid. So, the urine smell is not unusual. You can have a huge impact on minimizing your night sweats, and your other really awful menopause symptoms by working with a qualified holistic nutritionist who is knowledgeable about hormone balance. While moving away from sugar and other high glycemic foods is ultimately so important it is also easier said than done. So, I have a very successful program that helps my clients to shift away from sugar, and other foods that are making their hormone symptoms worse with ease, flexibility, and real support. If you sign up for my free newsletter at jessicadrummond.com, you will get free tips every week for better sleep, more energy, fewer and less intense hot flashes, and many other common symptoms of hormone imbalance. I hope that it feels a bit better knowing that there is a lot of help available to calm these so uncomfortable symptoms!

    All the Best,
    Jessica Drummond, MPT CHC

  2. Caroline Cederquist M.D. wrote on :

    Dear Teddybear777,

    I understand that this experience for you is quite serious. Sweat does often contain uric acid, which is a primary ingredient in urine. High intakes of fructose can sometimes cause increased uric acid in the blood. When levels are quite high, you can be at risk for gout as well. With you having experienced 7 years of tough menopause, I am happy to offer you some hope.

    Many post-menopausal women come to my practice seeking to lose weight, and find that once they begin our nutritional program, their symptoms of menopause improve dramatically. The onset of a hot flash is often cause by a slight drop in blood sugar. Your body ‘panics’ a little, and because there is less estrogen in your system, it has a really hard time regulating your blood sugar properly.

    The best thing you can do with the onset of a hot flash is to eat a little something, for example some apple slices and low-fat cheese. It’s important to include a protein component in your snack to keep from the onset of another hot flash in an hour!

    The classic meal that will cause an endless night of hot flashes is something like a carbohydrate-laden meal and some sort of alcohol, for example an Italian pasta dish with a glass of wine.

    The type of meal that will help keep a stable blood sugar throughout the night would be grilled chicken, with sauteed veggies in olive oil and a salad.

    I recommend that my patients ensure they are eating approximately 100-120g of protein spread through out the day. Many women report fewer sugar cravings, weight loss, and fewer menopause symptoms with this. Please see my article about what I call the Menopause Metabolism here: http://www.drcederquist.com/weight-loss-library/best-diet-for-women-in-menopause/the-best-diet-for-menopause.aspx

    Dr. Caroline Cederquist

  3. Longhornmom wrote on :

    I too am menopausal. The smell maybe caused by uric acid in your sweat. Are you taking any hormone replacement? Night sweats can be miserable. Premarin is a horse hormone and it takes a larger dose due to how our livers don’t break it down real well. Many women worry about hormone-induced cancer. The safer option is a patch like Vivelle Dot. You change it twice a week and it is a much lower dose than the oral Premarin. It has stopped my night sweats and helps those hormone moods we get. Hope this helps

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