which noninvasive procedure gives the most “bang” for the buck? I am looking to freshen up my face, its beginning to sag a bit and of course a few wrinkles are appearing…

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  1. nidradeb wrote on :

    Hi mamayogi! I’ve heard great things about the new acupuncture face lift! And all natural, non-‘invasive’ save for the very fine pins. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m really looking forward to as my friends are raving about the results.

  2. Marla5115 wrote on :

    Botox for lines in the forehead and laugh lines around the eyes really makes a huge difference. For nasolabial folds around the mouth, injectable fillers are great. For very saggy skin, best bet is an invasive procedure like a face lift.

  3. Judyann Affronti wrote on :

    There is hope in some of the new RF technology like Viora or Exilis, but until these are trly proven, the vest way to fill a wrinkle is to “spackle” it from the inside out. Fillers like Restylane, Perlane and Radiesse are safe, require no recovery time, and give instant gratification. Come in with a wrinkle; leave without it. Period.

  4. Geri Brin wrote on :

    I have been interviewing board-certified plastic surgeons for our new section Leading Plastic Surgeons for FOFs and learning a great deal about the latest developments. The newest non-invasive treatment that is getting a great deal of attention in the medical community is called Ultherapy.Here’s a link to the interview about it with one of the doctors: http://faboverfifty.com/plastic-surgeons/?p=445 I recently had the treatment myself and saw an immediate improvement, although it takes three months to see the full effects. It’s far less expensive than invasive treatments, and many docs offer financial plans that let you pay it off without interest. If you are interested and looking for a doctor in your area, you can get recommendations at plasticsurgery.org. Make sure to use a board-certified plastic surgeon.

  5. Marla5115 wrote on :

    Botox and the best for me. It takes away my frown lines and the smile lines around my eyes and it lasts for months. It really makes me feel so much younger. If done by a competent board certified Plastic Surgeon the results can be amazing. http://followmarla.blogspot.com/

  6. glamor girl 50 wrote on :

    Great medical grade skin care and botox.

  7. Diane Mary wrote on :

    i started Obagi skin care last year. My derm took photos and its amazing. I also get radiesse once a year in my smile creases (parenthesis) and Xoemin for wrinkles every 6 mos. Its working for now!

    • Vicki Fuentes wrote on :

      Obagi is yesterday’s alternative to cosmetic surgery and a poor one at that. It thins the skin (so does Retin A) and the more you use it, the more like crepe paper the skin texture becomes. My dermatologist won’t recommend it (she’s faculty at Duke University) and another doctor I have, who used it, said it looked great at first but she regretted it later.

    • LisaTriv wrote on :

      What alternative to Obagi did your dermatologist recommend? Thank you.

    • Emily Fussell wrote on :

      I have been using Obagi on and off for years and love the way my skin looks. Is it one of the products, ingredients or just the tretinoin that your dermatologist is against? Would love to hear back about this. thanks

  8. Amy Forman Taub MD wrote on :

    Fillers give the biggest bang for the buck if you are not talking about sun damage. If you have surface sun damage, photodynamic photorejuvenation, Fraxel dual and C02 fractional resurfacing (many brands) all give excellent results. It also depends on your budget and your tolerance for downtime.

  9. drjosie wrote on :

    I LOVE my EXILIS treatments for this. This is similar to Thermage, but it is the next generation of technology and does a great job of tightening the face. So, when you are researching this for your local area, look for a doctor that offers either one of these treatments.

  10. Cynthia Bailey MD wrote on :

    It depends on exactly what the ‘issues’ are with your facial skin. First, I always recommend good wrinkle fighting skin care or else the money you spend on expensive procedures is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom, you’ll just never get there. I think the best anti wrinkle skin care is either strong glycolic acid products (if your skin can tolerate them) or prescription Retin A. I’ve got a lot more info about that on my blog. You always need a broad spectrum sunscreen too. After that, my next strategy for wrinkles is to pick among 1. ablative laser procedures (in my office the Sciton), but they treat the entire face and there is down time that’s not for the faint hearted, 2. Botox for upper face wrinkles like Crow’s feet, between the brow and the forehead, 3. Juvederm filler for wrinkles around the mouth, nasolabial folds (that run from nose to the side of your mouth) and marionette lines (sides of mouth down the chin).

    There really isn’t one procedure for everything and the biggest bang for the buck comes from precisely assessing what you want to change about your skin and then aiming your investment dollars accurately at that ‘issue’. It’s also really important to find an experienced doc to help you. As one of the folks below commented, a bad job is a waste of money and a real disappointment.

  11. Simplychic wrote on :

    Hi – I just had a laser genesis and saw an immediate tightening and overall better clarity. It wasn’t drastic, but a nice effect. The treatment causes collagen to continue to grow, so it will get a little better over time. I plan to have more and I only paid $200 and no downtime or pain.

  12. StyleGoesStrong44131 wrote on :

    I am 62 and have been using Botox for 3 years. I tried filler, but bruised quite a bit. It also made my smile very distorted. The Botox was injected in to my forehead, and crows feet, which also involves injections on the outer , upper cheeks. I really like the difference it has made…very subtle, but definitely a smoother appearance.

  13. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    I like Thermage CPT as it helps the sag by tightening the face. It is expensive as it cost about 3500 for the face but it lasts for years. There is also no downtime. Debra Jaliman MD Author of “Skin Rules:Trade Secrets from a Top NY Dermatologist”

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