My husband and I planted green beans last year, and they were so stringy that we couldn’t eat them….what did we do wrong?

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  1. Kathy Allen wrote on :

    They may have been an older variety. Check on-line seed catalogs. The information you gather there is helpful. Your county extension office or local Master Gardeners are also excelent sources. Don’t give up!

  2. Kylee Baumle wrote on :

    It may have just been the variety. I wouldn’t give up. Just try a different variety this year. The best I’ve ever eaten are ‘Jade’, which can be found online from various sources, but there are many good ones out there. I prefer the French filet type bean, which is very tender and tasty and not stringy. And I agree with the others – pick them on the young side, before the beans inside the pods are too fat. Good luck!

  3. melissa soucy wrote on :

    I agree with dmnyes If you don’t harvest the beans while they are young they will turn tough and stringy. Try harvesting some everyday and make sure you don’t harvest when they are wet as in early morn. And yes read the package it will tell you how stringy they are.
    Hope all this helps.

  4. Shirley Farley wrote on :

    Dmnyes has a good point, be sure to pick the beans early. Stringiness also depends on the variety you planted. Read the fine print on the seed package and pick a variety (sorry I can’t dredge names out of the memory bank just now) that promises to be “stringless.” They won’t be totally string-free but they’ll come close. And, don’t over fertilize your bean plot. Good luck, there’s nothing quite as tasty as something you grew yourself.

  5. DznrDani wrote on :

    I agree with the other comment but it could also be from inconsistent watering but I’d bet on “too long on the vine”. I remember stringin’ beans with my Grandma and breaking them into pieces and never being as fast as she was! Good luck this year.

  6. Debbie Nye wrote on :

    If you did string the beans before cooking by pulling the strings from both sides of the pod from the end, they may have matured too long on the vine. The trick is to get the beans before they have lingered on the stem past reaching their full growth.

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