I am considering a face lift. I have not had a consultation yet, but am intrigued by the “lifestyle” lift I have seen advertised. I only really need the jowl section of my face done…eyes will come later. Has anyone had this done and what was your experience? Did it last?

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12 Answers

  1. Judyann Affronti wrote on :

    I am a a Patient Care Coordinator for a plastic surgeon. Lifestyle Lifts don’t include a lot of procedures that are necessary for longevity of the procedure. Neck skin is lifted, but the underlying muscle is not tightened so it will not hold as long. Scars around the ears are not as meticulous as they could be. If jowls are your problem, look into jowl liposuction. This can make a world of difference in removing saggy jowls. I had it done myself and love it! Hold off on the big cut for as long as you can. Lifestyle Lifts sell you more than you need at this time.

  2. glamor girl 50 wrote on :

    Just say no to lifestyle lifts.Find a great plastic surgen and have a consultation.
    I had a full face and neck lift 3 weeks ago and am beyond thrilled.I just turned 50 in Aug.I dont know your age but 48 to early 50s is the best time for a face lift.

  3. Linda McCoy wrote on :

    I had one done seven years ago when they first started doing them. I was more than pleased with the results, and I have friends who have had it done who are also pleased. It truly depends on the surgeon, so do your research on the physician as has been suggested. No one ever put needles into my hairline and pulled up. I think the worst part of the procedure is that the lidocaine injections used to numb you are uncomfortable. Be sure you ask for pain meds. I did have some initial swelling around my eyes, but it went away quickly. I had no post operative pain to speak of. I agree with the others on one point though, you look great!

  4. JoanE wrote on :

    I had one last Thanksgiving. I also did not have many wrinkles but my neck was a dead giveaway about my age. I will be 69 next month and I look at least 15 years younger than that now. Do it! You will be very pleased with the results.

  5. Diantha Roberts wrote on :

    Thank you for all your very helpful suggestions and especially the comments. The photo is about two years old..guess I should up date! The sagging it’s not really an issue when I smile, so I need to paste a permanent grin on! I will definitely be visiting some of the top surgeons in Dallas before I make any decisions. Like you Corigarrett, I want something that looks natural. That is so important. Again, thank you all for taking the time to comment and suggest.

  6. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    Without first hand knowledge of a subject, I would avoid weighing in with an uninformed opinion of anything. Does anyone believe everything they read on the internet and that all the info is posted by honest objective people without agendas? Who is more likely to post on a blog: a dissatisfied malcontent involved in a lawsuit or someone who got very good results and goes on with life with no complaints?

    “Painternc” is correct – it all depends on the surgeon, face lift OR Lifestyle lift. Cutting nerves during either procedure is not an “advantage!” Research your doctor thoroughly, ask for personal referrals, to see photos of past clients, and look at your doctor’s professional credentials first and foremost.

    I had a Lifestyle lift done, eyes and chin at the same time. Of course there was bruising and swelling. There was pain, managed with ice and Tylenol. Yes, the injections for the local anesthesia hurt, but I didn’t feel a thing during the incision process. Be reasonable with your expectations: a facelift/Lifestyle lift is real surgery, there will be pain, and the levels are unique to every individual. There are no painless facelifts or Lifestyle lifts. My Lifestyle lift results were beautiful and subtle. No “Joan Rivers” effect; it looked like I erased 10 years by doing chin and eyes. It looked like I “lost weight” to those who commented.

    Choose your surgeon carefully after real research has been done. Then decide – it’s not the company or the fancy, expensive office: it’s the person weilding the scapel that you must know and trust.

  7. nan davis wrote on :

    I disagree with ginagina and BlueBear. As with anything – and esp surgery – it all depends on the surgeon. I live in Asheville, NC. We have a very excellent surgeon here who does what he calls the Biltmore Lift. Very successfully. Low recovery. I personally have many friends who have had this done by him. I am getting on the schedule for the end of the year. http://harleymd.com/mini-lift.shtml

  8. Joan Sims wrote on :

    I don’t know anything about the Lifestyle Lift and was considering one myself until I read the comments below . I was also told by someone who spoke to a plastic surgeon that you are better off getting a regular facelift for more lasting results.
    Frankly I don’t think you need either if this is a recent photo – why take a chance that they will ruin your pretty face ?

  9. wrybbunz wrote on :

    I’ve not had one, but I’ve heard they’re extremely painful and the results may be uneven or even lumpy. They take small needles, insert them into the hairline, and pull it up. Sounds horrible to me. I’d suggest going to Truth In Aging (online) – they have a brand new, newly created, proprietary Ultrasound device that is supposed to help with sagging. I ordered one last week, should be here this week. Mart Woerl (apologies if spelled wrong!), who runs the site, is a guru and authority (in my estimation) on what works. The site is all about readers testing product, so give it a look-see. I also use LED and Microcurrent and have seen success. They have a store for product that is highest rated.

  10. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    ginagina2498’s advice is rock solid. Please do some research on the internet re the Lifestyle lift. I do not personally know anyone who has undergone this but I keep reading about it and the reviews are dreadful. btw: I don’t know when your photo was taken but you look fabulous and so young! Are you sure you even need a facelift?

  11. ginagina2498 wrote on :

    Please whatever you do DON”T get a lifestyle lift. I have never heard or seen good results from this type of lift. Go on a few consults and choose someone you have confidence in. I’ve had a facelift and they are not such a big deal, there really was no pain at all (mostly because they cut the nerves) minimal swelling and bruising.
    Please stay away from the Lifestyle Lift, do some research there are many many horrible reports about these lifts.

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