I’ve never written a blog. What’s the best way to start? I have had all kinds of experiences in life I could share. Second, I teach Health Education with a touch of Creative Writing at the County Jail. I am also going to be working on a “life review” for someone in Hospice. All IDEAS are welcome!

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  1. Debzella wrote on :

    You’ve gotten a lot of really good advice already. The best thing to do is post regularly to keep your blog current on search engines, and to use tags or SEO if it’s available on your chosen blog site. SEO means “search engine optimization”. Choose words that describe what your blog is about, but also that would be words that people are most likely to search. That will bring readers to your blog, which is what blogging is ultimately all about. We want people to read what we have to say. Good luck on your blogging adventure. Blogging is a rewarding way to be heard. Also, I think the “life review” for the Hospice patient is a wonderful idea. I was a Hospice nurse for 7 years. A life review seems like such an important and therapeutic way to travel that journey.

  2. Darcy Silvers wrote on :

    Hi – sounds like you have a lot of life experience to draw from in your blogging. My advice would be to set up categories for your blogs, such as Health & Wellness, Writing, Life Reflections (for the Hospice-related posts), etc. You can even monetize your blog, once you get it up and running, by hosting ads on your site. Be sure to include links to blogs you like, and ask for reciprocal links; this will help build traffic. Good luck!

  3. Liz_Seegert wrote on :

    You have already gotten excellent advice. The one thing I would add is to be consistent. If you post every Monday, or every Tuesday and Thursday, or whatever you decide, try as much as possible to stick with a schedule — your readers will come to expect it and visit regularly on That day. Also be sure to use other social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote your work. The log sites can automatically link to them and post the new content. Good luck!

  4. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    Blogging is so much fun! Congratulations for wanting to try it. Here are some additional tips: 1) Brand your blog with a “signature” that’s yours alone — a logo, a photo, a title or whatever you consistently can use as your own recognizable trademark; 2) Find and stick to your authentic voice. Your blog is you, and setting it apart from the countless blogs already out there depends on readers responding to your individual voice; and 3) When you’re getting started, you need to be a bit aggressive if building readership is one of your goals. Discover bloggers you like & respect and leave comments on their posts. Join blogging groups. Link to other blogs or relevant sites in your own posts.

    And most importantly, have fun. This is your space, with your design and your words and your thoughts. Enjoy!

  5. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    The answers wendiegirl gave you are great and she is right. I would suggest a couple of things…organizing your material is helpful, adding blogging time to your calendar is also helpful, asking for feedback is great, keeping your posts relevant and user friendly is important, knowing your audience is helpful as well. good luck…

  6. wendiegirl wrote on :

    It’s not all difficult to start a blog. Your first step is to choose a host site. The five most popular are: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Movable Type and Posterous. All are free and will walk you through setting up your blog. Most sites let you personalize the appearance of your blog and select colors, graphic images, etc. You will be able to upload photographs and other graphics as well. Then once you’re set up, all you have to do is write. Any topic is great! Once you name your blog, you will get a link to it that you can send your friends, students and whoever you want to reach. Your readers can respond to what you write by posting, and before long, you will have a nice dialogue going. You sound like you have a lot to say, so get started “write” away!

    • rnflobow wrote on :

      Thanks so much. I love ideas.This will get me rolling on that blog.

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