Jowels,I am not sure of spelling.You know,the cheeks that droop,the sag that ages you more than almost any other.Is there anything besides a face lift or $300 cream that helps lift them.I see photos of myself & cringe.I guess I could just have a huge smile 25 hours a day to pull them back.Augh!!!!

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8 Answers

  1. Judyann Affronti wrote on :

    By the way, don’t waste your $ on any fancy creams or anything topical IT WON’T WORK!!!!!!

  2. glamor girl 50 wrote on :

    There is no quick fix for this problem .I feel the radio frequency treatments do very little (and yes I have had them)I think a face lift would be the best bet for this problem.

  3. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    Jowls are caused by loss of volume in the higher part of the cheeks, leading to sagging skin that hangs down around the mouth and jawline. No cream will really make much of a difference, unfortunately. Face lift is your best bet for real improvement, but be sure to also replace lost volume in the cheeks instead of just tightening, or you will look too “pulled” and drawn. If that’s out of your price range, your next best option may be some filler such as Restylane or Juvederm since correct placement can help soften the appearance of the jowls and can last 6 to 12 months or longer. It also helps stimulate your own natural collagen building, so there may be some longer term improvement as well. Consider filler in the cheekbone area as well as around the jowls themselves, to get a more natural look without too much bulkiness in the chin and jaw area. I hope this is helpful.
    -Dr. Krant

  4. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    I treat them all the time. But it’s more expensive than a 300 dollar cream. Thermage CPT works. It’s skin tightening by radio frequency it cost 10 times as much. Or filler can help which cost 3 times as much as the pricey cream. But at least they work.
    Debra Jaliman MD Author “Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top NY Dermatologist “

    • Amber Lear wrote on :

      Well, thank you. I will just have to win the lottery, no sarcasm meant, seriously. Congratulations on accomplishing so much academically with your life, it is always wonderful to see intelligent accomplished women.

    • Jennifer Phillips wrote on :

      I have the same problem and it affects all of the women in my family. I have had some success with doing a yoga move called the lion. You stick your tongue out mouth open as wide as possible for a count of 10 while spreading your fingers and tensing at the same time for three reps (I would look it up online for the right way to do it, my explanation isn’t the best) and it helps firm those muscles that don’t get used that much, or I also use one of those mouth squeeze things that you put in your lips and squeeze the pieces together. It’s not radical, but enough improvement to see and keep me happy. If you find or hear of anything else, please let me know, I would love to get rid of the jowels all together and have it be something I could afford. Pricey options are not an option for me on my budget. Good luck in your search and remember please, if you find something good, let me in on it too, just message me on here! 😀

    • Amber Lear wrote on :

      I have heard that stretching your neck towards the ceiling and kissing up helps the neck, if that is a trouble area. Thanks for the help.

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