Need some impute FOF’s!
Here’s the deal …. I am 90% sure that I want to start college classes on line.
I need to make more money!
Is 53 too old to go down this path!
Honestly …. My feeling fluctuate between fearless optimism and ice cold paralyzing fear!
What say you fellow FOF’s?

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  1. Linda McCoy wrote on :

    I am 64 and just finished an online certificate course. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Yes, it is hard, requires a lot of time an dedication but for me worth every bit of it. My regret? Not having done it sooner!

  2. shellie robin wrote on :

    Never too old is right and time flies. I am always recommended continuing education to people of all ages. I have been a life-long student. One can never stop learning or being inquisitive. Online is a good way to go part-time, ideally working at the same time. Are you looking to change careers entirely or will this help you in your current field?

  3. Marcia Mason wrote on :

    I just finished an online course and I’m 59. It was agony because although I’m well educated, life gets in the way of all the studying demanded. I really got burned on the course I was taking because the curriculum changed twice after I enrolled! That meant 3 different sets of books to buy that cost me a lot of money, and books bought never used which I’m stuck with now. Research your school thoroughly and all online schools that offer your courses. I think your best bet will be with a major university (many offer classes online, like VillaNova) not one of the Kaplan, Capella, Phoenix, or other online-only schools. My instructor was an idiot, and the adviser was no better. Also, if you are taking a course to pass a crendential exam, research that governing body’s exam for currently scheduled changes to the exam format and content, to make sure the course fits the newest format, and requirements to qualify for the exam. You could be signed up for a course that only fit an older exam format, and have wasted your money and your time. Emphasis on TIME. You have to dedicate yourself to this and nothing else. Lots and lots of reading, many books, many quizes.

  4. Erica Rothstein wrote on :

    I am an academic advisor in an undergraduate program for adult students. I would echo others here who say that you are definitely not too old to go back to school. However, the most important question is whether you already have a bachelor’s degree, and if not, what it is you want to study and where. There are a lot of online programs that are not worth the cost. (I’ve met lots of students who paid a lot of money for online classes and got absolutely nothing out of them and many of the so-called schools that offer online degrees are nothing more than degree mills.)

  5. avonlady wrote on :

    Enter answer here …Never too old! I started teaching yoga when I was 59! Go for it!

  6. mnl11 wrote on :

    I have completed my first two semesters of full time community college at 53. One more year to attain my AAS in Accounting. It has been the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done for ME. I love it! Be prepared to learn from the lectures and books because your teacher may appreciate your experience, but you are being graded on the material. Good luck and enjoy your classes. Looking forward to seeing your name on the PTK list in the future!

  7. Victoria Kuhl wrote on :

    Banish the “too old” thoughts. They aren’t helpful. The question is, what are you going to study, and is it worth the investment. If it’s about making more money, make sure you research the job market for that field and talk to some people working in the field. You have to balance the cost of the education and the time spent versus the benefits. It’s a different set of priorities if you just want to expand your knowledge, have fun, or get into something new. Then it’s not about the money, it’s about what is satisfying to you and makes you feel good about yourself. I’ve taught college classes, and believe me, you have nothing to be afraid of. You will probably be a better student than the 18 years olds are.

  8. Cubie131 wrote on :

    I m 51 and I finished my MBA two years ago-online. It is a lot of work-some people think that online classes are easier. In truth, online classes are much more requiring, because you don’t have face to face interaction. People who are older, in my experience as a student and teacher (I am a college instructor) usually do better. They have life experience to draw from, and they are frequently more serious and determined. It does require the sacrifice of time and money, but it is not forever, and you should be making more money after. Completing classes-and your degree is empowering-you can do it-the hardest thing is deciding to go for it. Good luck!

  9. suzi51 wrote on :

    How old will you be in two years, four years, and six years? What will you be doing? You can be older going to school, older graduating from school with a degree or you can be older doing nothing more than you are doing now. What do you want your life to look like? You have embarked on the last and best part of your life. Dream big, faces your fears and just do it. Look at the end of your journey and plan how to get there. Start off with just one class and gradually add more. But if you decide college is not for you, realize that you didn’t fail. You have been brave enough to try something new and smart enough to let go so that you can move on to another challenge.

  10. ladycarol wrote on :

    Do your research of the on-line college make sure that it is everything you want such as how long it will take and let your adviser know what you want and ask questions of them and if you do choose don’t be afraid it is all about writing and communicating it is not hard at all and besides you can do it in your jammas!

  11. nidradeb wrote on :

    Hi Awparadoxx! as everyone has already said, you are not too old. Many women start new careers or switch focus in their fifties! What you do need is to keep your eyes wide open: How will you make a living as you transition? What is the new business model you will eventually end up in? How have other women made that path a success? What are their ‘best practices?’

    Once you know the path, just follow it. The Universe has a wonderful way of clearing obstacles for you to follow your heart path. Good luck!

  12. ACeeKayWa wrote on :

    GO for it! You are definitely not too old. In fact, I’ll bet you will find out, as I did, that you are a much better student now than you were as a teen, a 20-something, etc. You know more, you have more experiences, you are more organized and focused. You know why you are in class – and it’s not to snag a date to the dance on Friday! 🙂 I had a blast in “mid-life” college, and it was easy to run circles – academically – around the 18 year olds! Give it a try!

  13. Kathi Elster wrote on :

    No, you are not too old to go get more education. I know many women who went back to school in their 50″s and now they are making more money and doing work that is more interesting to them. Just be sure that the classes you want to take will be teaching you something that will help you get work. Also ask your professors to help you find internships ( short term) to gain experience. It’s O.K. to be scared, that means you are taking a big step forward.

  14. avenuej wrote on :

    You are focusing on the wrong thing. Forget both fearless optimism and ice cold paralyzing fear. Of course you are not too old. Sign up and as you take these courses you will see that this action will open up opportunities even as you are focused on graduating from college. Go for it. The time will go by anyway no matter what you do,

  15. Jane Angelich wrote on :

    Let’s start with the easy question…you are not too old at 53 to go down just about any path. The real question is why do you think that college classes are the answer to making more money?

    I need more information to be helpful to you. Let me know what you would like to study, how long it will take to get the classes completed, how much it will cost to take the classes, in what program you would be enrolled and what degree (if any) you are going to end up with when you are finished. Then, tell me what career you think you will be “madly in love with” at the end of this path.

    Meanwhile, are you planning to keep your “day job” while you do this?

    The key to making more money is to identify a career that gives you passion. Sometimes, that has nothing to do with more classes.

    I would like to give you more advice, if you can give me a bit more with which to work.

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