Hi FOFs! We’re working on a couponing story, and we want to know: what was the best thing you ever got for free (or almost free) ?

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  1. Wendy Brown wrote on :

    I won a home delivery from Key West Seafood filled with lobster and king crab legs from a Regis and Kathy Lee show when they filmed in SF years ago. Also, my husband and daughter won small prizes for sitting next to me.

    As for couponing, I signed up with a pet food and cat litter company, and from time to time they send me free food and litter coupons, all you do if print them off from your email and redeem. Since I like Gold Bond Body Lotion, I recently checked their website and was able to print out a coupon for a dollar off.

  2. Stacycakes wrote on :

    From watching my local news and radio station I have won, four free tickets for a skyshow in San Diego, lasic eye surgery, a “Camp Rock” package and a radio. The lasic was worth $5,000 and I used it! Because of the economy I’ve been shopping for myself and daughter at local thrift shops. We’ve bought brand new shoes for as low as $2.00. In addtion we’ve purchased new clothes there also for about $2.00 a shirt. It worth looking around, spend some time at the racks. We also score big time at the local malls, we hit as many clearance sales as possible.

  3. 3thingsuneed wrote on :

    I enter or sign-up free stuff and sweepstakes items usually I get the info on Facebook..I’ve won 2 Super Bowl XXXV NFL Experience Tickets out of 3 states(Fl,GA,AL) 30 people won..More recently OLAY Pro X Face Cleanser Scrubber, Lavanila Laboratories Perfume 1.7oz w/a candle in a round canister..these are the most expensive I have won. I have also won several magazine 1 year subscriptions, countless samples of face/body products.. Full size lotions and body wash, and shampoos and conditioners, food samples,countless knick knaks(dust collectors) etc.
    Actual coupons several stores have BOGO free and you can stack cpns and get it free and/or money back
    I have been a product sampler with Pinecone Research, I get full size products to keep and $3 for each survey not every time do you get product. FedEx’d the next day. I use the product for a week or 2 and then answer questions regarding the experience..I tested the Ballpark frozen hamburgers that just came out, Scrubbing Bubbles step toilet cleaner, Vegie Ravioli, etc. the company sends out emails on freebie sites when they openings in age groups.
    Sweetie Sweeps, Sweetie Freebies on Facebook Wendy is someone you really need to talk with She started these businesses years ago and has thousands of followers.. she has won BIG items, car, A/C Unit, Trips.. she stays on top of any and all deals, sweeps and freebies.
    I hope i helped some 🙂

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