Where can I start my website which would you recommend and is affordable.

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  1. GenuineAmyHall wrote on :

    Hi LadyCarol, Have you checked out Etsy? You will need to pay them a fee. But you’ll need to pay a fee for any website you get (hosting fee). You want a website that can be easily found by potential clients. The wonderful thing about Etsy is that they have thousands of stores with Handcrafted goodies selling on their website. Etsy will promote you on the home page of the website and just about everyone knows them. (Which means they will rank high in the search engines so your store will get found by people wanting to buy your earrings!)

  2. Ellen Hart wrote on :

    Hi Carol,
    It appears that you want to have a more informational website since it says career Counseling/Business Advice. the shopping cart component changes everything and can be a bit complex and confusing. I have had an online store since 1999 and have gone through many platforms, web developers and major changes. I would be glad to help you through this process to save you time, money and mistakes. Feel free to contact me at ellen@careerbags.com

    • ladycarol wrote on :

      Thank You so much. I am going to launch a website for costume jewelry it is going to start with just earrings for now. I love to make earrings and come up with my own designs. I don’t have a lot of money so free is the only way to go and any advice you can give would be awesome.

  3. Chatty Cathy wrote on :

    If you need a shopping cart and therefore, accepting credit cards I recommend Ammericommerce. I used them for my website and found them to be very user friendly, helpful, and professional. Also you may check out Authorize Net for the ability to set up your credit card transactions. Good luck —

  4. EmpowerDames wrote on :

    Hello LadyCarol! I agree with Jane about GoDaddy and Network Solutions being affordable. However, there is cost and there is expense in that you can find a cheap website provider but creating it and setting up…well if you aren’t sure what needs to be done…will cost you in the end as far as loss….and connecting with your market. Having said that, depending on what you want to do, wordpress is a great place to start at 0 cost in dollars…and I would invest the money you would have spent into a website designer. I recommend Ed Andriessen, Business Training Resources, ed@btrmail.com

  5. Jane Angelich wrote on :

    Wow, your question is very broad and without knowing what your website is supporting, I would start by looking at either Go Daddy or Network Solutions. Both offer website builds, including some very basic website designs that you build yourself.

    If you need the e-commerce component so you can sell something and take payments, you may need to spend a bit more to support that function.

    Best wishes for a successful website launch!

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