Hi everyone! I know this has probably been answered MANY times, BUT I’m going to 3pm wedding with reception to follow. I’m going to try and find a summer dress which covers my arms and hits below the knee. If I can’t find what I like, can I wear white dress pants with a blouse?

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  1. Mary Evenson wrote on :

    I thought that unless otherwise noted, weddings after 3 PM were semi-formal and so men wear suits or sport coats and women wear cocktail or long dresses, if possible.
    I know we are more casual these days, but I guess I would go for a more dressy top in colors if you are going to wear white pants.

  2. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    White dress pants with a gorgeous silk blouse can be incredibly beautiful! (btw: Neiman’s has their Summer sale on right now & I saw some gorgeous silk blouses online. Ditto Coldwater Creek online.) I believe you’ll be surprised at just how many women will wear dress pants to the wedding. The rules about guest dress at weddings are no longer written in stone and ladies wear what they feel most comfortable in.

  3. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    I love the idea of elegant white pants and a silky or embellished blouse for an informal summer day wedding. As for the dress, have you tried shopping for one of those cute sundresses that come with a shrug? Or add your own shrug if you find a dress you like without it.

  4. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    You can find that! Check out Eshakti, you can get custom dresses from them at a small upcharge ($8) . You can add sleeves or change the collar or length or their designs. I would not wear pants (that’s just me). Another place to look for dresses is Karina Dresses.

    • Kathrine wrote on :

      Thanks Still Blonde. I like the idea of customizing dresses!

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