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At age 64, I have THE most oily face and often still get pimples. I’ve had this problem since age ten. It was better after menopause but since am on Femara permanently to minimize recurrence of breast cancer so don’t have the normal amount of estrogen. Help!

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  1. drjosie wrote on :

    First of all I wish to let you know – you are not alone!
    I see more acne in adults than I do in teenagers.
    The most important item in your bathroom should be the Clarisonic Ultrasound face cleansing device. The company has deep pore cleansing and acne brushes that you can try to see which brush is better suited for your skin.
    In my office, I usually perform a VISIA complexion analysis to determine whether or not your skin has a lot of bacteria. This helps me decide whether you would benefit from cleansers containing glycolic acid or whether a gentle cleanser is all that you need (like Cetaphil.)
    In general, I am getting great results with the Glytone family of products. They make a treatment kit for blemish prone skin that really gets the skin under control. In combination with this home care system, I recommend a series of chemical peels, 4-peels in all, spaced every two weeks to really kick start the clearing and healing process.
    My one “tip” that gets the most bang for the buck – don’t wait till bedtime to do your night cleaning regimen. Do your night cleansing ritual when you get home from your busy day. A lot of women are so busy taking care of everyone else that I have found that they often go to bed without cleansing the skin. Doing it early leaves you with only your teeth to brush!
    Good Luck and stay healthy.

    • julie64 wrote on :

      Oh thank you so much! I will follow this advice.

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