Right before I started menopause, I lost 20 pounds and was feeling great. Suddenly, weight began to gather around my stomach, and I now have a little bubble of fat there that I can’t get rid of, despite exercise! My OBgyn’s exact words were that I have to “starve” in order to get rid of it.

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  1. nursewratchet59 wrote on :

    My Dr told me, “In nature, there is the breed cow, and a feed cow…you are past the breed cow stage.” Nice! I’ve gained 60 pounds since menopause, that I cant get rid of. This sucks! I no longer see that Dr, by the way…

  2. eneittoo wrote on :

    Try lypossage, a targeted type of deep massage that facilitates the drainage of excess lymph fluid where done, as well as medilift treatments with low level electric stimulation. I have lost several inches in my lower body, belly, and back area with this method despite no increase in physical exercise. In fact I’ve been able to go down 2 sizes in pants and even 1 size in tops although there was much less focus above the waist with the lypossage. It is non-invasive so no risk of infection or recovery time needed. I had heard about these systems before but was able to try them out with a low cost consultation through Living Social and am SO glad I took the first step. I have tried the recommended diet, exercise, stress reduction……. as the other ladies have mentioned but none of that ever got the lasting results I got by using lymph drainage massage and muscle stimulation, and my inch loss was was carefully documented and has not returned.

  3. donnarp1 wrote on :

    I was told as my waistline and stomach area got bigger that we have to put more time in the gym that we used to. Also we have to make healthy choices in our diet.

  4. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    I lost 30 pounds at the start of menopause and then gained 50 pounds in a few short months. I tried to starve the weight away and I gained even more. I joined MyFitnessPal and read a lot of materials on eating more to weigh less and I began eating more calories (of course it was good healthy foods and no junk) and exercising with a renewed passion (not exercising more but trying to work out harder and harder each time). It has been slow, slow, slow but I’ve lost 30 pounds so far.

    • Noreen Braman wrote on :

      I am also starting to use My Fitness Pal and Cardio Trainer to better track what I am eating and track my exercise. It is amazing how having these on my phone make tracking so much easier.

    • krimkus wrote on :

      That’s great! When I lost 40 pounds several years ago, it was slow and steady that kept the weight off and built habits that have lasted over the past 15 years.

  5. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    We often gain weight in our 40s and 50s, and many attribute this gain to menopause. Midlife weight gain appears to be mostly related to aging and lifestyle, but menopause also contributes to the problem. With busy lifestyles many of us don’t have time for exercise, over consume food and increase our alcohol intake. It is important to reduce calorie intake after midlife because less energy is expended. BUT that does NOT mean “starve” yourself.

    I have personally found that increasing lean protein, decreasing high-glycemic carbs, and consuming healthy fats can help you find your ideal weight. As well as, eating 5-6 mini meals a days to kick up your metabolism and prevent sugar crashes. Make time for at least 30 minutes of activity most days of the week — walking, yoga, strength training, swimming, gardening — to maintain a healthy weight. If you are trying to lose weight aim for 45-50 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. A good routine: 30 minutes of cardio and 20-25 minutes of strength training alternating upper or lower body muscle groups. Make sure you discuss your plan with your healthcare provider, and respect any injuries.

    Manage stress. Stress can lead to unwanted weight gain – and going through menopause can be STRESSFUL. Learn how your adrenal glands affect the way your belly fat grows. Jessica’s response above has great suggestions. If you are suffering from menopause symptoms, discuss management options with your doctor. Not feeling well can increase those stress hormones (cortisol) causing unwanted weight gain in the middle.

    Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation causes hormone imbalance (Leptin, Ghrelin, cortisol, you name it). These out-of-balance hormones wreak havoc with appetite and metabolism.

    Also, the skin begins to lose elasticity as estrogen levels decline making that “little bubble of fat” more obvious.

    With lifestyle adjustments maintaining a healthy weight is possible. It was for me – check out my before and after photos:


  6. Belinda Boyles wrote on :

    I got one, too – but mine is lower than the belly area because I had my belly suctioned off when I was in my 20’s with liposuction. Now I have a very unsightly pudendal ‘belly’ that makes it tough to sit or cross my legs – ugh. Unsightly when naked and below the actual ‘belly’ area, and impossible to get rid of, without another surgery. Take heed ladies, there is a price to pay for having ANY fat removed – it will show up elsewhere!

  7. Jessica Drummond, MPT, CHC wrote on :

    You don’t have to “starve” to lose your menopausal belly. It’s important to strengthen your adrenal glands to give you the hormone boost that your ovaries can no longer give you. If you want some specifics, check out my Powerful and Sexy Woman program here (http://jessicadrummond.com/powerfulandsexywoman/) In general, if you eat to feed the strength of your adrenal glands, more foods like coconut oil, avocado, grass fed clean meats, organic poultry, and plenty of veggies, then add calming strategies to your life, find the right amount of exercise (sometimes too much does more harm than good), and detox your environment of chemicals that disrupt your hormones, you can let go of your bubble of belly fat. The overall goal is to feed your hormone system with a lot of strengthening nutrition building blocks, and then allow your hormone system to make healthy hormones instead of the resources being diverted to making stress hormones. Then, the belly fat will go away. Just contact me through my website (jessicadrummond.com) if you have any additional questions. There is hope! And, no need to starve yourself!! Best Regards, Jessica

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