I am so in need of a expert bra sizing…I have a draw full of ill fitting bras…do you know of anyone in central Florida

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4 Answers

  1. Jollywa wrote on :

    I find thatbthis complaint most often comes from larger busted women; and, generally, we are wearing the wrong size. I found the best help at Macy’s, where they carry bras in cup sizes up to K. I had been wearing a 42DDD when I first went to see them in Seattle. I came away in a 38H.

    You want the band to be quite snug and the cups roomy enough that the bridge of thebra fits snug against your chest wall between the brea$ts. For me, this meant trying on increasingly larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes. The wire will need to come around to the side, under your arm, and fit close to the body so that it neither digs into you or pokes your underarm.
    I sew and I joined an online group and learned to make my own bras. Thye are much prettier and cheaper, but I still wear bras from Macy’s underknits, as seamless cups are pretty much impossible to sew at home.

  2. terry hesse wrote on :

    I highly recommend Nordstrom. Then you can go to Nordstrom Rack and buy the brand you like at a discount price. (Note: I do buy the bra that I get expertly fitted in by the staff at Nordstrom, but then look for that same brand at the Rack.)

  3. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    Nordstrom has trained fitters, most are really experienced. I recommend finding one in your area. You might consider buying the bra that feels the very best and write down (or take a picture of the bra and the tag with your phone) the names and sizes of the others that you like as well. YOu might be able to find them online at a discount–this is recommended only when you know the correct size you need for each particular style and brand because they will vary.

  4. LisaFitExpert wrote on :

    I don’t know of anyone specifically, but start with a department store and ask for an experienced fitter who has been with the lingerie department three years or longer. I would also recommend making an appointment so they have your attention. Also ask when they are having a fitter come in from a major brand, they too can help you. LC

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