I am going on a cruise to Bermuda with my teen age son. We are a newbie…please advise on what to expect on the cruise, what activities we should do once we get to Kings Wharf, what to clothing to bring this time of the year , food not to miss and suggestions to do when we get to Bermuda. Thanks.

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  1. Ultimate-Genealogy wrote on :

    I assume you mean a cruise ship like Princess, Carnival, etc. Expect to eat a bunch and walk a LOT. Find out what special amenities your ship has..some have rock climbing walls, water slides, etc. The ship will have daily activities you do as much or as little as you like. The ship also will have several pools so bring your swimsuit. Ask your travel agent or cruise line for a list of available tours and be sure and sign up for them BEFORE you cruise so you actually get on one or more. Also find out if they have a one price drink card. I know Carnival does and they have adult (beer and wine) and teen cards (sodas) there is a soda card for adults also. This will save you a TON as drinks/sodas you pay for extra. Also make sure you don’t allow charging on your teens room card or you could get a MAJOR shocking bill when you get ready to depart. Also remember you room key is used for charging as they don’t allow you to pay for anything any other way. The only time cash is used is for the casino. Remember the time change when selecting early or late seating.

  2. Gardeners Detective wrote on :

    If you have some time to research my favorite cruise website is http://www.cruisecritic.com/ where you can sign up for free and join in on a roll call for your specific cruise line and sailing. You can also meet the people from your roll call at an on board gathering. They are eager to share their insider tips and tricks. Use their search box on the site to get all the information you could ever want about your cruise line, ports of call, ships, excursions, tours, and attractions.

    Tripadvisor is helful as well http://www.tripadvisor.com/Search?q=Kings Warf, Bermuda

  3. Mrsfitz wrote on :

    Of course amenities while at sea depend on the cruise line. Take advantage of the spa, gym and pool. When you get to Bermuda hire a car/taxi to take you around the island. You can’t rent a car but it’s reasonably priced to get one to take you around for the day so you can get to the beach and see some of the less commercial parts of the island. We opted for this as opposed to a package tour and were happy we did. Of course your teenager would probably like to rent a scooter….I went for my 50th b-day with my mother and sisters so that wasnt something we wanted to do. I’m not sure about the age limit.

    As for the weather it will be similar to east coast summer weather so cool,casual clothes are fine. You may need something dressy for one or two dinners on the ship, again, check the cruise line.

    Bermuda is great you should have a wonderful time!

  4. MJ ANDRADA wrote on :

    Thank you for the heads up…so looking forward to this… have a great week!

  5. lynda spinner wrote on :

    Don’t know what cruise line you are going on but expect to have an AMAZING time! Cruises have something for everyone, and are the perfect vacation for multi-generations. Your son will be busy all day, and you can relax or do as much or as little as you choose, while he’s having fun. Weather should be HOT! Just an fyi that there is really nothing much at King’s Wharf…ship’s dock there because they are too big to dock in town of Hamilton. You can take shore excursions or go to Horseshoe Bay (great beach) on your own. Also St. George at opposite end of island (accessible by bus once on main island) is very charming & historic, and also walk around Hamilton, see the fort, acquarium, etc. Honestly, the ship is a great destination all by itself! ENJOY!

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