Today is our secretary’s 30th anniversary at work. We are having a lunch party for her today, but I don’t have a clue what to give or do for her…last week she was hospitalized and told that there are 2 cancer lymph nodes in her brain,her cancer came back,but she is back to work.help,what can I do?

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  1. Melinda Fabiano wrote on :

    I understand the reason for your question. When someone has a chronic condition like cancer; co-workers/supervisors oftentimes feel that they need to ‘walk on eggshells’ so as not to do or say something offensive and/or illegal. Since this individual has returned to work; in spite of the health challenges ahead, she needs and wants the reinforcement and support of her coworkers. The 30th anniversary celebration is a wonderful milestone for your co-worker and your presence speaks volumes in and of itself. Remembering and telling her what she has specifically done to ‘make a difference’ in the office will boost her self confidence. Cathy and Kathi are correct in that signed cards and banners with special messages are wonderful keepsakes. Taking her aside today and/or in the weeks to come and letting her know how much you appreciate her efforts and her as a person may make her health challenges less burdensome.

  2. lswart wrote on :

    Spending time with her and listening to her fears, anxieties and Challenges would be a gift. Take her to lunch, tell her you are there to listen or help with small errands. The gift of time and a sympathetic eat..irreplaceable.

  3. Kathi Elster wrote on :

    My guess is that she would like to be valued and told how special she is. A big card where everyone states what makes her so special might work, of if each person wrote their own card. Make it a gift of gratitude to her.

  4. Chatty Cathy wrote on :

    Just by you going this extra mile to make sure you do something special –IS VERY THOUGHTFUL. I would make a sign and have everyone sign it….and hang in across her workplace…with words or saying of encouragement….GOD BLESS you for making time.

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