I am going to be 60 next month and want to do something meaningful to celebrate. I’m not thinking a traditional bithday party…. Any ideas?

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8 Answers

  1. avonlady wrote on :

    I went to a favorite winery on my 60th birthday. It had a nice yard and indoor room where I brought my family and we celebrated with a toast!!

  2. Sharon Clark wrote on :

    What about a hot air balloon ride? A cruise? Or anything else that you have always wanted to do but haven’t? I recommend that you treat yourself. Happy Birthday!

  3. Fancy Cat wrote on :

    I just celebrated my 60th in July. I threw myself a huge week-end party. Family and friends flew in from all over the country and we did a beach bash, a catered sit-down dinner and then casual brunch the next morning. What a memorable treat for myself!

  4. Trythemon wrote on :

    I would stay in bed if you are not awake on your birthday it hasn’t happened !

  5. ginagina2498 wrote on :

    I say step outside your comfort zone! Skydive, hike a serious trail, do that thing that has been scratching at the back of your brain even though it makes you a little nervous. Oh and congratulations!!

  6. Jayna wrote on :

    Santa Fe, New Mexico- lovely! Art, music, Canyon Rd.-( art is worth the walk on this road-) Tours for you and a few friends- via Jeep to the gorgeous desert/ Native American villages, churches, Taos- N.M. Also nice. many ways to love Santa Fe!

  7. evelyn resh wrote on :

    How about a stay at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA or Tucson, AZ? Both properties are beautiful and offer elegant amenities with health and wellness in the foreground. Go to theirwebsite and see what is out there and if there are any specials that you can take advantge of. There are many women that I have worked with here who come to celebrate an important birthday. Let me knbow what you think.

    • Mary Beth Hyde wrote on :

      Thanks! My friend has a place at Canyon Ranch in Miami and I only visited her for the evening. I am going to plan to take her up on her invitation to come for a longer visit!

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