Help! my daughter moved with her bf to Brad Channel NY area. Does anybody know how safe the area is? Please help educate me about the safeness, the good things about the place, is it close to the water where there is a landfill next to Jamaica Bay where cancer is rampant? I could use all the advise.

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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Mama needs to chill! You don’t say how old your daughter is so I’m assuming she is an adult capable of making her own decisions. There is no place on earth that is totally “safe” and, once that is realized, you’ll stop worrying so. I went to Singapore and Indonesia at 20. My family said I’d be kidnapped and sold into white slavery! I’m still here at 67! England, without guns in the populace, was supposed to be safe but the bombs the IRA set off in London less than a 1/2 block from my house didn’t make it so safe. I live in a tiny town in North GA now. A man killed a child. Another killed his wife. We don’t have mayhem in the streets but it’s about as safe as anywhere else. Have some faith in your raising your daughter to make good decisions. You are interfering and you will chase her away time and time again if you continue and you are unnecessarily worrying yourself into an early grave!

  2. Susan Grimes wrote on :

    It is a small tight-knit community and I think it is very safe. There is a small-town feel to it. It is close to the water and near the nature preserve. A very sweet and interesting nabe!

  3. ladi10 wrote on :

    Hi, I think you are referring to Broad Channel, NY? It is right next to Howard Beach,NY (less than 10 minutes from JFK airport). Google Broad Channel and you will get some of the history of the area. It’s a very small close knit community. The main shopping is in Howard Beach. Not sure what you want to know, but it is a relatively safe area. They have a really cute library, I am personally not thrilled with the train, but I don’t do trains. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broad_Channel,_Queens Call the police department non emergency number and ask them whatever questions you want. Hope this helps a little.

    • MJ ANDRADA wrote on :

      Thanks so much for taking the time to advise. The place is really Broad Channel, I will call the police for more safety info. All the best! A mom

    • ladi10 wrote on :

      If you would like me to truly check out where your daughter is, email me privately and i will go take a ride. It’s probably less than 10 minutes from me. Give you some added extra comfort, can even take some photos of the area for you; have some peace of mind. I have my two girls and I know if someone offered this to me and couldn’t get to check out the area myself; I would jump on my offer. Trust me, my older daughter is in Ohio and I have not been to this apartment yet (she moved recently) I needed to know all the same things; but knew someone that I could ask and check it out. Let me know

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