hi i would like to ask a question please. my natural hair color is dark- brunette. i am 59 years old & my stylist changed my color to golden brown because of all the grey hair- more red than blonde. need help with colors for clothes and make-up. thank you

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  1. avonlady wrote on :

    I think shades of navy blue , purple, black would compliment the color.

    • chris mauriello wrote on :

      thank you for your kind reply. have tried black but not navy or purple. have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. jill@jillkirshcolor.com wrote on :

    Hi Crissylou!
    This is so exciting because by changing your hair color, there’s a whole new color palette to explore and have fun with for wardrobe and makeup and all these shades are so different than those that work for a Deep Brunette. Please visit http://www.jillkirshcolor.com, click on the “Golden Browns & Redheads” group and you’ll find all your best shades of every color for clothing and makeup. Have fun!!

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