I have never shopped online before. I am tall, slim and over 50. I like a casual yet elegant look, not too trendy, not too old-looking either. Can you recommend a few good sites? Does shopping online allow for returns if you’re disappointed with how it looks? I live in South Africa.

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  1. wendymcmonigle wrote on :

    Dear South Africa,
    I think you need to plan a shopping trip to the states. Bring an empty suitcase and we’ll go shopping. By the time you pay for postage and possible returns you might as well bought a round trip ticket to the U.S. I carry many lines of clothing that I sell at trunk shows, but i only list my bags on my website.
    I agree with Betsy that you need to see and feel the quality that a website cannot picture. But, once you know the quality and the size, buy away.
    Contact me anytime you like, I know where all of the good buys are….

  2. Geri Brin wrote on :

    Marla Wynne is a wonderful designer whose well-priced collection is exactly as you describe. Check it out at http://www.hsn.com/fashion/marlawynne_c-fa_a-6555_xc.aspx?rid=199. I own a number of pieces and love them. HSN allows you to return anything you don’t like. I don’t know how expensive it is to ship to South Africa, but I’m sure the website will tell you.

  3. Marla5115 wrote on :

    I am 52yrs old, 5’10” and weigh 120lbs. I really like some of the tall jeans and pants by Diane Gilman from HSN. They are a little high waisted but I don’t ever tuck my shirts in so they fit me great and are very comfortable.

  4. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    Every major designer and store in the world has a website. Just punch (google) in a name and your on your way. Anything and everything is available online today. Every reputable store and rand has a good return or exchange policy. Make sure to read their policy before you commit. Happy shoppin.

  5. MsBetsyKarp wrote on :

    Hi Jane 99::: The only site or line I know of at this moment is Marla Wynne…I saw her at the FOF Beauty Bash and her clothes would be great for you , she is featured at HSN…Take a look…Betsy@iadoreme.com

    • Jane99 wrote on :

      Thanks Betsy … what is HSN? I don’t know how to find this Marla Wynne you mention!

    • Jane99 wrote on :

      Oh, silly me – I found her – and from your blog I found out what HSN stands for. Yes, her clothes are lovely. I need to study them a bit more…

    • MsBetsyKarp wrote on :

      Hi Jane…Hope this helped :)) I was a designer for years and so I always want to touch the fabric , so I really never buy on line…Betsy

  6. Jane99 wrote on :

    Thanks to all of you!I researched the rand dollar and rand pound exchange rate and it really is prohibitive – plus the shipping costs, it makes the whole idea not really worthwhile. (Though I must add that through reading previous comments on FOF I discovered the NoLoGo website and thought seriously about buying a dress … but too expensive). I have an American friend here in South Africa who has also lamented the lack of good quality clothing. I never found this a real problem, but as one gets older , it seems the range of what suits perfectly gets narrower and narrower.

    I would LOVE a couple of good quality dresses. Yes, Edgars, Foschini, Truworths and Mr Price are our main shops. Mr Price is tat, that can be thrown away at the end of a season. The others are not bad, but the range is narrow. There is also, of course, the country-wide favourite, Woolworths. THAT is the one shop that more or less has it right for everyone – classic, fashionable, good quality, rather middle-of-the-road; most of what i wear comes from there.

    So often what is designed for a slightly older market suits a fuller figure. What if you’re older but thin (and not neccesarily in the most desirable way. More flat and bony – thus ruling out all the revealing stuff intended for thin, young and gorgeous)? I would love to tell designers here to stop ignoring the older but “well-preserved” market! We’re not overweight, but we have other body issues that it would be good to design around. For instance, I’d love clothes that enhance and augment the butt – it gets flatter as we age! Pants or jeans with a flap over the back pocket, swim wear with … padding over the butt (yes, it could be done). Also elegant, feminine dresses that cover the chest and shoulders – I imagine high-necked but sleeveless, or with chiffon-like sleeves. Designers need to start considering clever ways to enhance the older body.

    Also, dresses for taller people. I’d love a classic wrap dress but they’re always too high-waisted for me.

    Well, those are some of my gripes about clothing. Dressing well is fun. I usually wear long flowy skirts and close fitting tops, sometimes a vest top (we call them vests – I think for you a vest is our waistcoat. What do you all a sleeveless, low necked T-shirt top?) Anyway, I like to wear a vest top with an unbuttoned blouse over it in the identical colour. It always looks good. So I’m a skirt and top girl. Hmm, clothes … one can discuss them for hours!

  7. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    I see that youhave had some wonderful replies from FOF Gurus…. I know that some luxury line stores will ship and take returns bit for online stores you must be very careful. I work with women all over the world and we do it by photos etc and with an understanding with the retailer that the items need be…. returned in a very timely manner. As mentioned below, the best thing to do would be to google and see what is available to you…..I love Net-a-porter but to be honest I have not checked their shipping out of country…. If they do , it is a wonderful website for you to view….. even to just get ideas as to what is available and ow to put it together…. all price ranges as well…….. Tall and slim….. you will look good in anything!!!!!

  8. Ilenefaboverfifty wrote on :

    Hi Jane,

    Although I have never been to your amazing country, I recently helped a South African bride-to-be with her wedding party in NYC. This lucky bride was marrying a man who commuted between South Africa and NY. She studied fashion magazines, was well read and lamented that there were no upscale solutions in her country… so we corresponded in advance via email and credit card. With her active participation, sizing details, etc., and one trip to NYC, we put together five bridal party looks (aged 5-20 years old). She was thrilled!

    Why I share this story with you is because I did a bit of internet research about South Africa’s clothing stores. I learned that Edgars, Mr Price, Foschini and Truworths are the main clothing stores. Is this information accurate?

    If you care to share their websites, we might then explore solutions.

    As for online shopping returns, each retailing website has their own policy. I agree with the other FOF Style Gurus, please read about their individual policies prior to making any purchases.

    To the best of my retail and wholesale experience, the shipping costs to South Africa (under five pounds) is slightly over $50.00 US via Federal Express or UPS International. Once the package arrives at the airport/customs, 99 times out of 100, you will incur a tax on the goods shipped.Each country has separate rules and tariffs depending on the type of apparel product.

    Returning goods back to a NYC retailer is best done by pre-determining if you can travel here. Normal, non-sale return policies range from 10 days(exchange or credit only) to 30 days credit card refund with a receipt.

    A lot of logistics! I hope this information is helpful to you.

  9. Ellen Hart wrote on :

    Jane, I have had an online store for 6 years and we sell all over the world. We actually sell quite a few of our laptop bags to South Africa because we were written up in an airline magazine. Shipping from the USA does not allow for a return policy unless it is a manufacturers defect. It costs on average $45 US to ship and the cost to get it back is around the same. that would be $90.00 in freight charges so really make sure you love what you buy.

  10. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Jane, the first thing is to always check the return policy of any shop online. Never, ever buy from a place that doesn’t have their return policy spelled out. That said, most online shops do allow for returns but don’t take it for granted. Some, if there are sale items, won’t allow that to be returned. Now…

    South Africa presents a problem. I can’t recommend anything to you, as I am in the USA and the postage to South Africa might be outrageous and more than the item you buy. I Googled: “online shops that ship to South Africa” and came up with dozens of good leads, some with shops in Capetown, etc. There was a caveat that said “most of the best US online stores will not ship to South Africa” so your best bet is to try some of the shops in that Google I just gave you. Good luck!

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