I am thinking of selling my jewelry. Any suggestions on how to get started?

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2 Answers

  1. Julia Ray wrote on :

    The first and most obvious thing is that, we as a target audience need to “see” your jewellery. There’s no mention here if you make it or want to sell your own designs or sell off your own personal jewelry items to turn over some cash. The best way I know of beginning the process is taking pictures of absolutely every design your made or want to sell and if you have quite a large collection then you need to think about getting a website. You can try selling on Ebay and Etsy first as they are easy places to begin a shop but there is nothing better than your own E store to get your pieces out there for others to see and buy. Here’s wishing you the best and hoping I’ve helped a little.

  2. AnnettePiper wrote on :

    It is best to start out locally – jewellery is one of those items that sells easier in person, when the customer can touch it and try it on. Try these venues to start out:
    * Attend a market or small show near to you as a vendor. A “table-show” is always good, they provide the table at low cost usually at an indoor venue which means your expenses will be kept to a minimum.
    *If you work, selling to coworkers can be lucrative – try doing a mini-show in your lunchtime?
    *Get a friend to host a jewellery party. You can offer the friend free jewellery (or a discount) to act as hostess and you can take orders or sell what you have on the night.
    *Enquire about putting a display in a local craft shop, boutique, hairdresser and/or beauty parlour.
    *Show your jewellery to a local gallery to see if they might be interested in taking some on consignment.

    Always wear your jewellery and have business cards in your purse to hand out if someone admires your creations. (Vistaprint is wonderful as a start for business cards).

    Make sure that you make the best quality jewellery you can and offer some sort of warranty.

    Always keep learning new techniques and don’t be afraid to try something different, as different sells!

    Educate yourself on materials so that you can pass good information onto your customers, they will look at you as the seller of jewellery as an ‘expert’, so make sure your information is correct.

    Price your jewellery sensibly, taking into account not just cost of materials but your time too. It’s better to start out a bit high and lower if you have to rather than start low, sell out and then realise you haven’t made enough profit, plus then you will hit resistance to existing customers with your new higher prices.

    Good luck and if you have any specific question(s), please ask!

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