I am going to be 50 this wknd. My husband is throwing nice party for me…I am expectted to say something at the end….Help! I like to sound funny and upbeat, inspiring….

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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Firstly, congratulations on living a half century! Secondly, short and sweet is always best on these sorts of things. I would, in this order:

    1. Thank everyone for coming to share in this “historical moment.”

    2. Say you wouldn’t have missed one second of your fifty years because it would have meant missing knowing each person there, and not there, who have meant so much to you.

    3. Ask everyone to lift their glasses for a toast.

    4. Your toast should be something like “If I could have one wish today, it would be for each of you to have the life I’ve had for 50 years. Thank you again for joining me. It’s a wonderful life and you just proved it!”

    Happy Birthday, Christina! You are a beautiful 50!

    • cristinag wrote on :

      Love it! Thank you so much!

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      So…how was the party? Did you have a great time?

    • cristinag wrote on :

      Amazing! I posted some pictures on facebook! Thank you for asking!

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