I love the look of ankle pants! I am short and rubinesque…is there any way I could wear this look and look nice? BTW I cannot wear high heels…

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  1. suzi51 wrote on :

    Ballet flats are a great alternative and comfortable.

  2. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    I too am short 5 ‘ 3 ‘.. and I live in ankle pants mostly ankle leggings….The tighter the pant the thinner you will look. I prefer a dark color and the same color top… Love the shirts from Equipment as well as tunics… You can add color with fun necklaces , bangles, scarves etc. BTW I am the queen of ballet slippers with everything so of course go for it with your pant!! There are new flats out like crazy this year.. the love new comfy loafer as well… Nothing wrong with sandals when the het arrives!!! YOu will be comfy and when you fel good you look good!!!!

  3. Hawklady wrote on :

    Hi, ankle pants can look really fun with a flat shoe, slight wedge heel, or sandals. A dark color on the bottom will help slenderize you but also remember that monochromatic dressing always lends itself to drawing attention away from a feature or features we like to minimize. Place bright colors (a necklace or scarf perhaps ) near your face will draw the eye to a bright smile. Be comfortable, enjoy, and love yourself. You will be gorgeous.

  4. lderector@gmail.com wrote on :

    First of all, ankle pants look absolutely great with a ballet flat or with this seasons latest look oxford type tie shoes or the new “smoking” slipper in colors. Cole Haan has an adorable one.
    The heel thing is not an issue.
    I agree with Betsy, a dark color ankle pant with stretch that fits properly along with an easy top. Be sure that the top you select fits properly at the shoulders. If you are petite in stature a top that is not too long, but skims your hip bone and is on the square side would be a good proportion to elongate your look.There are many tops that are longer in the back than the front, this too could work for you. Now it won’t show your waist, but it with a slim ankle pant, few of us can! I so help this helps.

  5. MsBetsyKarp wrote on :

    Hi :)) So I love ankle pants too and I am all of 5 ft 3 inches… If you wear darker shades on the bottom it will make you look thinner. You can wear anything that feels good, maybe something with a stretch fabric that has a give and take would be great!! What I would suggest is to wear a large shirt or jacket over you and it hides a multitude of things and looks sexy, go for a fun color …If you are relaxed and feel comfortable that is really all that people see… ADD some great COLOR to your look and step out with some fun accessories…. I hope this helps… Betsy Karp The Colour Coach at betsy@iadoreme.com

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