Can someone please recommend Doctor in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or close…for hormone remplacement therapy?

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  1. BingBing40 wrote on :

    I don’t know of any HRT doctors in LA in particular, but I did watch a wonderful documentary called “Hot Flash Havoc” that educated me into what to expect. I’m 40 and know that my time is coming, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I can’t recommend “Hot Flash Havoc” enough, it really taught me a lot about my condition and taught me a lot more than I already knew about the HRT debate, including the cancer risks commonly associated with it. I would recommend checking out the film, if you get a chance, you can watch it here: http://bit.ly/11XQcWS. Hope this helps!

  2. sindrirune wrote on :

    I had a my ovaries removed at 40 which threw me into menopause so the DR put me on the patch. After research and a family with breast cancer I chose to stop them. I immediately suffered so I tried many holistic treatments but non worked. After my Mom suggested HRC Medical which is also called Amorie Therapy I decided to try it. It is a insert once every three months about the size of a piece of rice. Its made of wild yams, and is natural. You get a blood test to get your levels then your dose is create to fit your needs exactly. This treatment works and it has been working for over a year. I have no more hot flashes night sweats or loss of sleep. I also like knowing I am not increasing my cancer risk as I was during my previous hormone patch made with pregnant horse urine and designed as one size fits all. I hope CA offers this treatment but if it doesn’t CA is famous for alternative healthy choices.

    • cristinag wrote on :

      love it! Thank you for taking the time!

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