i am thinking of have my eyebrows permanently tatooed on, i am also thinking /planning to have a facelift in the summer. i am concerned that my brows may end up in my hairline. does anyone know anything about this?

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4 Answers

  1. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Question to Boop. Is having your eyebrows tatooed?

  2. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    While I don’t know anything about eyebrows permanently tatooed on, I would think a face lift would come first. Suggestion is that you talk to the doctor who will be doing the plastic surgery. I’m a little hesitant to do eyebrows. Mine are so blonde that I have my beauty parlor dye them.

    • Boop595 wrote on :

      Facelift first, including losing all the weight you want to lose. Then by all means do tattoo your brows. A friend of mine just had them done and they look beautiful.

    • Marcia Robinson wrote on :

      Boop: Left off the word “painful.” So it should have been: Is having your eyebrows tatooed painful?

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