Hi, thinking of Paris, first week of May. Hotel recommendations? Reasonable, around the 8th… thanks. Anyone try airbnb?

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4 Answers

  1. lessalt wrote on :

    Hopefully, you have found accommodations. I am surprised you can find anything suitable at this late date. I’m making reservations for September and the apartments I was interested in were already booked.

  2. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    I just used Airbnb for my trip to Paris last month. It was fantastic and cost half what a hotel would have been. I highly recommend Airbnb. There are some stunning Parisian flats listed
    Have a great time and don’t forget to go to Bon Marche. The food area is amazing and the children’s shop downstairs from the gourmet shop

  3. jkbartist wrote on :

    I’ve stayed in Hotels and rented apartments in Paris. I prefer apartments. Try parisperfect.com or I’ve used airbnb before in other places and have never been disappointed. airbnb has a lots of reviews and usually the owners leave all kinds of information etc. The only negative to look out for stairs – many apartments don’t have elevators. If you are in Paris the first week remember many museums including the Rodin, Picasso and d’Orsay are free on the first Sunday. My favorites are Gustave Moreau and Carnavalet is always free. Don’t miss the Cluny (it’s another name now) beautiful building.
    If you are shopping I’d recommend contacting Toma Haines she has a business Antique Diva and has wonderful shopping guides that are great negotiators. You’re lucky to be going in May the Bois de Boulogne will be filled with flowers don’t miss it. I’ve been to Paris many times and if you’d like and your going as a tourist/shopper I have lots of recommendations. Bon Voyage

    • ruta fox wrote on :

      great. i am looking at airbnb.com and found some great places, and yes, i do not need STAIRS!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

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