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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Having had many dinners on an estate in England where they raised lamb and served it in their home, I feel your query was made for me. Spring lamb is one of my favorite dishes and I love it in every form. They had a wine cellar that rivaled anything I’ve ever seen and they always served a Merlot with lamb. While I cannot afford what they proferred at the time, there are superb Merlots on the market here. The Coppola wines comes to mind and they are very affordable. There is another affordable option and it is Korbel Brut champagne. It is very dry and it offsets the lamb beautifully, as well as making for a festive dinner. I just happened on this particular champagne at a fancy restaurant in Atlanta on my birthday. The manager brought glasses of it to our table to help us celebrate and I was astonished when I found out what it was, as it was such a delight. We now keep it in our home by the case! It is about $12 a bottle and a wonderful alternative to the Merlot when you want to really show off. Hint: Add a few dried cranberries to it when serving. It then becomes a drink called “Lava Light” and the cranberries bob up and down in the champagne the entire time you are drinking it! So fun!

  2. cheryl heisler wrote on :

    I love lamb, in all its forms and, in my opinion, a tagine with its depth of spices needs a big, fruit forward wine for balance. Some suggestions include a Petite Sirah, a Napa Valley Cabernet, or maybe a Zinfandel (pick one on the sweeter vs peppery side). A colleague I asked also suggested an Australian Shiraz as a possibility. If you are nice enough to make a lamb tagine, none of your guests should dare to complain about the wine!! Enjoy! Cheryl

    • dsilver2 wrote on :

      Thanks Cheryl. That helps

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