I’m a real plain Jane and I need to find a look for my son’s wedding this fall. I need information on attire style & color, hair & make up help. I hoped to find a springboard of sorts on the Internet. Maybe here? Thanks!

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  1. Rebecca Matthews wrote on :

    As the mother sons, I have been told my role in any future weddings will be agree with the bride, hosting a fabulous rehearsal dinner, smile and wear beige.

  2. design wrote on :

    Congrats! If the wedding is formal after 5 you can go long suit type in shades that compliment you short is also appropriate, before 5 you can go dressy dress or tailored suit in fabrics of shantung a, silk crepe a silk poly blend in jewel tones. But most important, the brides mother has first option to select her look , if you are on good terms then both moms and bride should go together and find the right look for that beautiful occasion , make it even better by having a make over and hair do for both of you .

  3. Positive Reflections wrote on :

    You need to stay within your comfort zone…but kick it up a bit. You mentioned a Fall wedding. Try navy or a rich blue tone. It looks good on most people. Determine
    if as the Mother of the Groom you should wear a long gown or cockatil length.Look for dresses and gowns that do not scream out Mother of the Groom/Bride. Go to a local Spa where they specialize in makeup and hair and ask for a consultation.As a
    Wardrobe and Image I can help you find your perfect look for this special event.
    Email me and we will walk through this together. pam@posreflections.com

    special event. Email me at Pam@posreflections.com.

  4. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Go to Talbots.com and ask for their catalogue. They have the most beautiful wedding dresses for women just like you. Then, go to one of their stores and take the catalogue with you. Their sales people can give you all sorts of advice. This applies to all good stores, btw. Nordstrom, etc., and their sales ladies in the bridal departments will be more than happy to assist you. Just be honest about what you need and how you feel! Once you have THE dress, find an excellent hair stylist and bring a photo of the dress or the dress itself with you and tell her/him what you need. I have no doubt you will be the belle of the wedding!

  5. mguretsk wrote on :

    Good morning “Jane” :-). It is very difficult to give you the right style advise without seeing your picture, color/length of your hair, your size, and overall everyday style. My only immediate advise to you – you should probably stick to something very classy, such as LBD, A-line, and add a “twist” to it – french lace, hand emboidery. Stick to classy color pallette as well – cream (NOT white), brown (not black), gold (mattte, not shiny). You can email me directly at info@magtricotes.com so that we can put a more personalized look together.

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