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  1. Ilenefaboverfifty wrote on :

    Sorry to hear about your fatigue, sweat and dizziness. You are smart to go to the Cleveland Clinic, but you may also wish to consider a gynecologist/surgeon department head of a teaching hospital in a major city.

    As a FOF who has been down this path, I would like to share with you what my board certified gynecologist/surgeon/department head at a fine NYC teaching hospital said to me…”For every 1000 women going through menopause, there are 1000 different symptoms- no two women are the same. Let’s start with 500 mg of Black Cohosh and see if that helps.

    That said, the suggestions that worked for me:
    non-prescription- Black cohosh- found at any GNC/health food store,
    100% cotton sheets,(my 1/2 hour ironing project once a week- nothing feels better!)
    natural fiber nightshirts,
    return to 8 hour per night sleep
    yearly mammograms, trans-vaginal pelvic exams(only way to identify ovarian cancer issues).

    I am not a medical person, but I know that if I am not getting results, I have to keep probing and be my own advocate. Good luck!

  2. nidradeb wrote on :

    Hi zeta7767,
    I’m 56 and have been down the menopause route myself and can so identify with your frustration and confusion! Many things at our age and trigger the endocrine system to get out of whack resulting in fatigue, sweats and dizziness. The first place to check is diet and ifestyle. You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, stress to the endocrine system or any number of factors that can’t be diagnosed here! As a certified holistic health coach working with women over 50, I’m happy to have a conversation to try to shed some light on it. Reach out to me at http://liveawholelife.net/contact. It’s not a sales call. That’s not my style. I’m just happy to provide info to anyone I can help.

    Be well!

  3. sexyoversixty wrote on :

    Have you been to a Holistic Doctor…perhaps the answers are for you there….the symptoms that I had with out being diagnosed were….fatigue, weight gain, irritability, sensitive to loud noises, thinning hair and dry skin…this occured for me at 45….you can read my blog about it if you like….I really self-diagnosed, because my thyroid tests kept coming back a normal…and by the time that I was told I was in peri-menopause these symptoms had gotten worse….I went the natural route…Meditation was a big help for me…Exercise and I took a natural supplement called Rem-Fem…hope this helps you…I know that it can be a very frustrating time…all the symptoms are there and no one is hearing you…

  4. sexyoversixty wrote on :

    Not quite sure what your question is….I assume that you are experiencing these symptoms and it may be peri-menopause and /or your thyroid is out of balance.

    • zeta7767 wrote on :

      Hi sexyoversixty, thanks for getting back to me. My thyroid has been checked several times by my gynecologist and everything comes back normal. Not sure if you are familiar with Cleveland Clinic, but I’ve had numerous tests done – mri’s, scans, x-rays and have had an endoscopy done twice, they can’t find a thing wrong with me. These symptoms I’m having are very confusing and frustrating. I’ve been seen by so many doctors with no answers. My family (husband and 2 teenage boys) have been so understanding through everything. It would really ease my mind if someone would tell me that its menopause and not leaving me hanging to figure it out myself.

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