my dark hair is turning grey…whats the best way to hide grey hair?

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11 Answers

  1. Kelly1234 wrote on :

    I am using latest hair extensions to hide my grey hair. These look trendy and do not affect my natural hair as well. I suggest to try these out. For more info look at this site http://www.ludischarminginstinct.com.

  2. suzi51 wrote on :

    I would say just from looking at your picture maybe a shade lighter than your natural color. I would get it done professionally the first time.

  3. Michelle Nelson wrote on :

    Who has tried e-salon and were you happy with the results?

  4. mgun wrote on :

    I started going gray in my twenties. I would have been nearly all gray in my 40s but I started highlights first, I had originally been blond as a kid. After about 15 years i went total blond. Love it! Having the time of my life at 59.

  5. ann weaver wrote on :

    Try eSalon.com for a customized color match if you want to try doing it yourself. Even though I have very dark hair I cannot even use medium browns off the shelf because they made my hair too dark. I think I am ready for professional color at this point although I was very happy with the eSalon color. If you try over the counter, ash browns or neutral browns are good. I personally didn’t find the warm tones right for me. Good luck.

  6. Nancy Tilson Sinback wrote on :

    It’s all well and good when someone says, “Oh let it go gray, be proud”, but I have completely white hair and it ages me about 20 years. I am a faithful at my salon for color and don’t regret it for a minute. Make sure you select a stylist who specializes in color, and that uses quality products. Remember, stylists are just like everyone else, they can’t be experts in everything. Good luck.

  7. Rita harris wrote on :

    A reverse frost might ease you into it and its fun. I have enjoyed that. Just remember to deep condition often.

  8. Lorraine53 wrote on :

    Dear spicyoverfifty,

    I’ve found hair color to be the best way to hide grey. Consult with your stylist or hairdresser to determine which color and type will best suit you and cover fully. Happy (new) shade(s)! 😀

  9. suzi51 wrote on :

    A permanent hair color

    • spicyoverfifty wrote on :

      what color?

    • Ria H wrote on :

      Go with some highlights, my hair is naturally very dark but my stylist adds highlights along the grey, it lightens and brightens. My husband loves the look.

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