My 79 year-old mom has uneven hair color. It’s mostly white and shades of silver and quite frizzy. She’d like to get a “do-it-yourself” hair color to even it out and fix the frizz. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Lorraine53 wrote on :

    For “a-first-time-go-round” I would suggest getting a professional consult from a stylist. I’ve been told by stylists that hair color does lessen/soften the frizz. Happy coloring!

    • srasmoo wrote on :

      You’re probably right. She doesn’t want to be walking around with an obvious bad dye job. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Elline Surianello wrote on :

      I definitely agree with Lorraine. A consultation is your best bet. At LeMetric, we offer free hair consultations. Call 212-986-5620 or email info@lemetric.com if you would like to schedule an appointment for your mother.

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