What are some great investments to gain money in a short time.

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  1. Chatty Cathy wrote on :

    Hello Again LadyCarol…
    This is a tough question for it depends on your likes and dislikes, funds, time and talents. Are we talking yard sales or fund investing? SO I will address a couple things here. Investing time and energy into a yard sale brings in money in a day of time. I found investing my money in real estate funds has a nice turn around but not in a short time. Again not sure how short is short. I have a girlfriend who collects peoples broken costume jewelry and makes some wonderful new jewelry out of it –makes some decent cash. I also have a friend who invests her time in a Scentsy Candles as a sales rep and does well. But I’m going to have to say if you can buy real estate now for good price hang onto it for a year you can make some great money on it. Sorry Carol just not sure how short a time you want. BUT really go for real estate funds or purchase and you can’t go wrong. Wish you success. Cathy

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