Droopy eyelids – makes me look so old. Especially the right one, from sleeping on it, I think. My face is lopsided cause the left lid doesn’t droop much. Is there any product, massage, etc., that members here have had success with? Surgery not an option. Thanks

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  1. Shihtzumama wrote on :

    On skincaretalk.com they recommend a few different massage techniques for droopy eyelids. Many other info on massage for other facial areas and issues. I am going to give massage a try.

  2. linda caricofe wrote on :

    Unfortunately, there is no realistic remedy for droopy eyelids or hooded eyes.
    I have tried everything, except surgery which I simply will not do.
    My eyes have always been my best feature, now, although in person one does not notice as much as I do, because I am always smiling, my eyes give away my age.
    I will say though, that Avon’s skin care is wonderful, however, if the product really does lift the eye lid, it is not the same as before when young.
    Age catches up with all of us.
    This is the first year that I looked at my face with a very critical eye.
    I saw the lines really are still there, even after spending lots of money on creams and promises.
    Avon’s skin care line is still the best for the money, however, instead of the higher priced Avon products, I highly recommend Avon’s Youth Restoring anti wrinkle cream….they keep changing the name, but the product is the same and it is wonderful.
    I also highly recommend Archipelago Botanicals Soy Lotion milk.
    Although it does not mention use for the face, it can be used for the face and it calms the skin.
    I found this product due to a very bad reaction to Algenist eye cream that practically melted my under eye area….they told me to wash my face with pure milk or buy a milk based cream to cure the reaction.
    So, if not Avon’s lotion, or a natural milk beauty product, my only other routine is Boscia to wash my face or anything the Boscia company offers, it’s an excellent company.
    I am taking very good care of my health, and have decided to accept what I do not like in the mirror as something I cannot change, age.
    I always use a good make up primer to smooth my lines before applying make up.
    Age, the positive side of age is good health and,
    the positive side of age in this era, excellent make up products to hide the signs of age well.
    Life is good, even with droopy eyelids 🙂

    • Shihtzumama wrote on :

      Thanks for responding, Linda. I’m with you – I’ve tried many products. But now I’ve got a few new suggestions and I hope one works for me.

    • linda caricofe wrote on :

      I love this site , it’s wonderful to read what everyone has tried, such good tips.
      Have a fantastic day, you deserve the best 🙂

  3. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    It is a very tough question. My success in this field is with the use of a microcurrent machine. When used twice a week for about five weeks, there are dramatic results. Monthly maintenance after that should keep it in place.

    • Shihtzumama wrote on :

      Hi Maria. Thanks for your response. I’m curious about the microcurrent machine. I have never heard of one. I did a little search and the price range is broad – from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. What’s your opinion on this? If I did purchase one, it would be in the lower price range.

    • Maria Comfort wrote on :

      I’m currently in Bologna at the largest beauty show on earth (7 buildings for skin care alone.) My quest is to find affordable hand-held skin care equipment. There are some microcurrent machines for under $400 that are as effective as those costing thousands. The ones with gloves are most effective because they help reduce pain from sore and arthritic hands while you are working to restore your facial lift. I shall report more after the show.

    • Shihtzumama wrote on :

      Please do report back! I’d love to hear which you learned are most effective (and inexpensive) for home use. Thanks

  4. Cubie131 wrote on :

    There are many eye creams on the market that can help improve firmness in a variety of price ranges. Avon has a product called Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro. While the effects won’t be as dramatic as surgery, a good product can help. Also-I don’t know if you have any bad habits that might be hurting your skin-hopefully not. Smoking, too much drinking, lack of sleep, junk food, not exercising, stress-all these things show up on our bodies and faces. And, as redAllison suggested, a collagen supplement could also be beneficial. Sleeping on your back (tough after years of side sleeping) could also help.

    • Shihtzumama wrote on :

      I used Avon years ago and I’m going to give it another try. So many great suggestions on here – I hope I can try each eventually and, hopefully one will work for me. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, sleep well – but I’ll admit I love my sweets and am 20 lbs overweight. It’s been a battle. I know I’ve got to sleep on my back (the difference in my eyelids is dramatic), but it’s such a hard habit to change. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Cubie131 wrote on :

      Not to preach, but I know how difficult losing weight can be. I work out every day and have for a long time. It makes a huge difference in so many areas of my life. I had some health issues-like acid reflux, for example, that just went away with regular exercise. I know that I look younger and feel better because of it. You don’t have to start out with anything big or crazy. Just walking for 20 minutes a day, or taking a yoga class will help you feel better, look younger and help you take some weight off. I know the weight thing is a struggle, but trust me, exercise can make a big difference not just in how you look, but how you feel about yourself and what you can do. Exercise is empowering.

  5. redAllison wrote on :

    This is a tough one. I have droopy eyelids too, and I have had some success with taking collagen supplements (NeoCell), using DermaFreeze 24/7 eye cream for a temporary lift, and I use Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA for eyes at night. I started in on trying to treat mine as soon as I noticed it, and without surgery, a complete fix isn’t possible, but mine see to be a little better.

    • Shihtzumama wrote on :

      Thank you red. I am thinking of adding a collagen supplement to my regimen. DermaFreeze 24/7 sounds good, even if the lift is temporary.

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