What are some of the best vibrator companies?

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  1. Dr.Pearlstone wrote on :

    I reccomend you check out the website for the center for female sexuality. They sell many types if vibrators and give descriptions to help guide you to pick the one best for you. Their prices are also very reasonable.

  2. DrGinger wrote on :

    Great question! The company that is my “go to” for this question is “A Woman’s Touch,” http://www.a-womans-touch.com. The reason I love this company is because they specialize in women’s needs and have tons of great info on their website. The company tries out all of the products personally, which is another big plus! Other sites you might check out are Adam and Eve (tried and true company), as well as http://www.mypleasures.com (lots of reviews regarding their products and great articles). A couple of tips when looking for a vibrator:
    -Think about what feels good to you. There are ALOT of different options. If you need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, you might consider a vibrator that also stimulates the clitoris. There are “rabbit” types, that have a shaft for insertion as well as a clitoral stimulator. Another option might be one of the “C” shaped vibrators–one end of the vibrator is inserted, while the other end fits over the clitoris.
    -Think about how much stimulation or pressure you need. If you aren’t sure, try one that has several speeds or types of stimulation from which to choose.
    -If you are looking to introduce it into partnered play, consider what you and your partner would find exciting.
    -if penetration isn’t necessary for you, you might consider a “bullet” or “butterfly” type, which focuses on only clitoral stimulation.
    -G-spot vibrators are made to stimulate the G-spot, which is about one third of the way up inside of the vagina, toward the abdomen.
    Vibrators are a very personal, individual decision and there are many options, so it can be confusing. There are many different types, sizes, and speeds. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, try one with different attachments and play with the different sensations. Happy hunting!

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